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  1. *After Andrew's and Michael's match is over, the familiar Alias Antonio theme song hits the PA system and begins to resound throughout the arena, resulting in a large portion of boos from the crowd, whilst there is still some solace from the IWT Universe to Alias Antonio. He walks out to the stage, not too joyful, with his FSW t-shirt on, and commences to amble down to the ring gingerly, the effects from Ami's attack in his own home as evident as ever. He swiftly enters the ring while clutching his leg but ultimately shaking it off. He asks for a mic.*

    You know, as much as I'm supposed to be on bad terms with the IWT, I would have loved nothing more than to increase and magnify my win/loss record here and my win/loss record against the now reborn "Michael", all whilst delivering the proverbial "ass-kicking", also sending a message to the ominous Ami Ennemi. But those plans changed within the blink of an eye. And I mean that literally...

    While doing some IWT promotional interview shtick in my own house, my house was infringed on AND attacked by that very masked son of a bitch Ami Ennemi. But the house is the LEAST of my worries, because you see, my mental state and my physical state is at an all-time low right now, and not only did my house get ravaged, I also did, which is why you can see me in this ghastly state right now.

    *Alias takes a look at himself and shakes his head*

    The occurences in these past two months have exacerbated my health more that I could ever imagine and that's saying something, because the man who shows little to no emotion, the man who's heart and mentality is nothing but malevolent, and the guy who's wickedness and evilness is second to slowly crumbling. The pressure, the stress, the clear fraudulence and misrepresentation of what the IWT originally stood for, my stolen moments and opportunities....

    No matter how tough you are, or claim to be, all of the things I just mentioned eventually take a toll on you, and if you want to face the truth you realize that you're decaying by the second once you've been here for as long as I have. I've always gone at it 120 miles per hour, but now even 90 miles per hour seems a far-fetched idea of completing.

    And this is not called being a bitch, no no, this is being the complete opposite. I am speaking on behalf of people who didn't have the BALLS to admit this shit, people like Aids Johnson, people like FTJ, Seabs, Senhor, Britanica, even the nobodies like Adam, Marcus Anthony, DZ, George and they haven't even had the taste of what being successul is. And I'm sure as hell Dat Kid felt the exact same way but he choose wisely NOT to voice his thoughts and instead kill the company that were plaguing his head with all of those negative thoughts and pressures, and that's why I joined his ship.

    Now you may be questioning, why are you still competing in the IWT then? Because it is best to kill something from the inside but Trip and Jono are too dumb to realize that, which is why they have done zilch to stop me. I want to thwart every single one of their ideas and plans, I want to kill all the momentum these young superstars carry, and come January, I will WIN the IWT Title and take it back to FuckingShittyWrestling.

    No matter how worn-out I may be, I can still go better than ALL of this roster and that has been proven time and time again.

    Ami Ennemi, you're no different to the rest of these chumps. Dress up in eerie fashion, wear some menacing mask to conceal your true defects, have some SCARY FUCKING ENTRANCE! Last time someone did that, they quit. *cough* Incognito *cough*, but the fact of the matter is that once you strike, I strike back with double the force, and since you want to make this so personal, I'll attack with TRIPLE the force.

    And I'll make sure with my hand in heart, that you will disappear almost as quick as you showed up at my house.

    *Alias drops the mic and stares intensely into the hard cam. Suddenly....*
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  2. The lights shut off, nothing seen, but the many flashes of lights from the cameras and phones all around the arena.

    The lights return, Ami standing tall in front of Alias with a steel pipe. The man begins to strike Antonio, not hesitating to attack when the lights return.
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  3. *After two unexpected shots from the steel pipe, Alias is quickly sent against the turnbuckle, clutching his midsection in severe pain. As Ami attempts to strike again, Alias ducks and Ami strikes the turnbuckle instead, forcing the steel pipe to fall down as Ami checks his hand. Alias seizes the moment and grabs the steel pipe and smashes it against Ami's chest, slightly phasing him, before subsequently clotheslining him out of the ring. The crowd still react in a mixed manner, as Alias looks on from inside the ring, still holding his midsection. He abruptly grabs a mic.*

    *Heavy breathing* You son of a bitch. Come in here if you have the balls!

    *Alias drops the mic and stares on at Ami*
  4. Ami climbs into the ring, and gets inside. Just as Ami ran towards Alias, the lights shut off. The lights reappear, and Ami is gone.

    "We shall settle this when the time is right." Ami's voice said, echoing across the entire arena.
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  5. *Alias, incensed, grabs the mic.*

    Ami Ennemi, I'LL.....see Night Of Champions.

    *Alias angrily throws the mic outside and head backstage.*