Wednesday vs Leeds (there will be goals)

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  1. Well my team is on Sky Sports on Friday, I'm expecting to get absolutely annihilated as we're in poor form, Leeds are managed by Warnock who is a huge fan of our biggest rivals and they've built a cracking team up. However I'm sure most football fans hate Leeds so we may get some sympathy support. So is anyone tuning in? Sadly won't be able to discuss it with you gents as I'll be at the game and possibly drunk depending on what time I get out of work but if anyone is watching and wants to discuss it feel free.
  2. I'll probably be watching the game, being from Leeds I feel obliged to support them although I've grown up supporting Manchester City from the KK days.

    Leeds have a pretty good squad considering Ken Bates doesn't spend a penny on them. El Hadj Diouf has put in some remarkable performances recently or so I've been told. I know he scored a double a few weeks back. Becchio has been setting the world on fire as per usual. And also Leeds have a cracking CM called Austin I believe. I've seen him play on a few occassions and he's awesome.

    I predict it will be a very good, hard fought game with Leeds just nicking the victory.
  3. I'll be watching. Win/Win for me.

    If Leeds lose then great as they're the 2nd biggest scum team in the world behind Liverpool. And if Leeds win then I get to mock you.

  4. I'd be happy with that, Austin is going to steam roll over Barkley in the center IMO, plus Gardner and Taylor are really lacking in mobility so will struggle with Bechio. The only way I see us snatching anything is if we have Reda back and play for a set piece.
  5. I mean look at Leeds' previous results they're not exactly solid at the back this is either going to end 1-0 or 2-1.

  6. [​IMG]

    This is our previous results from last month, also here are our strikers records for this season. We're not free scoring like we were at the start but still conceding, Hull for example we rarely got passed the half way line, Huddersfield played us off the park also.

    Cogba - 5 (2 in cup)
    Madine - 1 (cup)
    Rodri - 1
    Bothroyd - 0
    Maguire - 0
  7. Leeds one the last game one-nil, you lost the last game 1-0, could be a very tight contest indeed. Derbys always bring out the best in a team, I don't think you have much to worry about despite your league position and previous results. That's the good thing about football it's all down to how you play on the day. & Rodri? Isn't that the Spanish fella who's on loan? Is he any good I remember you raving about him at the start of the season.
  8. Rodri has an incredible touch, great movement and really battles for the ball but he's not getting the service he needs and yeah he's the kid from Barca (B). We're playing through the wingers too much and asking Barkley to basically sit in the center ( yeah the same Barkley who Everton fans adore and Fergie was rumored to be bidding 16million on last Jan.)

    If we played Ross cutting in from the left with Rodri in a free role behind Bothroyd and Antonio wide right but they all changed positions and were fluid I'd :fap: in the stands no joke. McCabe and Semedo sitting in midfield protecting Gardner and Taylor whilst Lee and Mattock push abit further forward to support the man in front. We'd be easily mid table with that IMO.
  9. Sounds good to me champ, Barkley is a massive talent shame he's not been utilized that well, I'm sure Dave Jones knows what he's doing. & It look's like Lucciano Becchio won't be the only former Barcelona B player on show on Friday then. :otunga:
  10. That doesn't surprise me at all. Average SPL player at best IMO.
  11. He has only played for about 40 minutes tbf, no idea why we spent 250k on him (sense you'll laugh at that fee)
  12. 250k :haha::haha:


    Just checked, only scored 16 goals in 131 apps for Aberdeen.
  13. Just you wait he'll bag 30 goals this season honest :tough:

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    God we're shit at signing people from Scootland, first Renyolds (no idea if that's spelt right but he doesn't deserve it anyway) and now this laddy. The only decent player we've picked up from an SPL side has to be DiCanio in recent memory and he was banned for 11 games for pushing a ref on his arse
  14. Surprising really, because I've always thought Scotland was a decent place to find young talented players at stupidly cheap prices. Leigh Griffiths is a perfect example of one, reckon Wolves would sell him for around 250k and he'd most likely score goals, 6 in 6 for us atm.

    I do hope it works out for Maguire by the way, just don't expect much from him lol.
  15. Well we did pick up McCabe from Rangers who seems to be a very talented lad but very raw at the same time. No idea why we paid Newco however, considering he refused to transfer his contract to them but still.
  16. How much did you pay them? Thieving bastards :tough: And yeah, seem to recall hearing good things about him although I may be mixing him up with another young guy they had last year, is he a winger?
  17. Nope he's been playing in the center with us anyway, no idea how much tbh just now we've settled a fee. McCabe was the one who dominated the derby with Celtic, at least that's what Rangers fans were saying.
  18. Yeah think I'm getting mixed up with the guy Wylde, yeah no idea if he's any good then lol.
  19. Looking forward to tomorrow Seabs?
  20. Well I finish work at least half an hour earlier then planned (flexitime ftw) so that's good as for the match, of course it's a derby after all. Expecting a bad result sadly but a great atmosphere.