Weekly Fight Night: MrSackfist vs FailFaceFTW

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Who won?

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  1. MrSackfist

  2. FailFaceFTW

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    After last week's successful debut of Weekly Fight Night, this week is time for another match. The participants this week are MrSackfist and FailFaceFTW. MrSackfist and FailFaceFTW had opportunities at Payback to successfully hold titles in the IWT. However, they were both unsuccessful in their title matches. Who will stand victorious after this match?

    This match is a LADDER MATCH. In a ladder match, there are unlimited promos for 24 hours. During the promo battle, voting will be open. Changing of voting is encouraged throughout the match. Please - no interruptions from other wrestlers during this match. Just like other matches, the voting will also be open for an additional 24 hours after the promo battle is complete.
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  2. Wasn't this going to be a ladder match?

  3. Thank you for pointing that out! Apparently I wasn't thinking the best when I made this this morning :lol1:
  4. You're welcome :sandow:. Doesn't matter, but I read Street Match and I was going to interrupt the match tbh.

  5. Well good thing you told me since now you can't interrupt the match lol :p
  6. You badass! I hate you! I wanted to fuck up the match! This isn't cool. I'm leaving this arena right now! (I won't, I will read their promos)
  7. Show Spoiler
    I guess I will start

    So it looks like once again I square off against the kendo stick wielding resident in the IWT Manison, FailFaceFTW, a man I have already beaten for the European championship against a guy who is vaguely unknown in IWT, not because he is new but because he hardly even turns up to participate. I mean to become a part-timer you have to actually donated the time before hand, and FailFace has not done that. What has this guy done for IWT really, all I can say is he is a glorified belt holder until I took it off him.

    Now, I can guarantee that he will come out "wielding his kendo stick" a large stick? Compensating for something? His go to point is going to be that I lost my European Title and Cruiserweight title to Farooq. I have nothing to defend, I faced Farooq and I lost, nothing I can say. But what I will say is the competitor I am. Now not many people may know as the mid-card is often lost on some people, but I digress. Gather round for the tale of The Mid-Card Title match at Money In The Bank.

    "After a fierce and brave battle between two great warriors, one man stood above the rest as he fused the four elements of the mid-card into one glorious championship. The 4 belts were combined to bring piece among the mid-card lands and one brave warrior has completed it as the legend was told. He fought bravely and is the protector of the title. The night after, the evil wizard Falious-Facious came on the aftermath of the battle calling out the two warriors who had battled and the keeper of the case. The Protector of the title farooq would answer as would the keeper of the case, however one warrior refused"

    Before I read on, Scholars are still researching why that warrior refused, and I will give the solution to the scholars, but now for the end of the tale

    "Falious-Facious greed consumed him, the prize that the protector of the title had unified in order to banish the ogre feared by many, named gohanor and feared for his caps lock barrage he would inflict on the people of the sacred land that is IWT. Falious-Facious challenged Farooq and the other warrior, because of the sacred bond of the titles, offering redemption to the fallen, he challenged the fallen warrior and farooq, two engaged for redemption, and farooq for glory. The Keeper of the case stomach churned at the thought of the suggestion, and gave Falious-Facious an ultimatium, one battle between the two, If Falious-Facious was victorious, he would earn the right to the battle with Farooq, however if were to suffer defeat, he would be prevented from ever attaining the title. Before Falious-Facious's greed lured him in, The High-King Jonathan who ruled the land scorned the keeper and made the battle between Farooq, the fallen warrior and Falious-Facious.

    The story ends there. But now to answer, I was given the opportunity to face Farooq and FailFace, but rather than take another spot in the title, I have informed Jonathan that I will go in a new direction. See unlike FailFace, I want this company to grow into a great company, but the people like Gohan who always want that spot, who have no respect for anyone on the roster but themselves. I want to give my spot to anyone who believes they have what it takes to win the championship. FailFace is like Gohan, he wants the title and if he was to win, we wouldn't see it until the next PPV. The match being a ladder match which ties in the theme with Money In The Bank, I hope to show FailFace that he still hasn't got what it takes to beat me, and doesn't have what it takes to be champion.
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  8. Yes, it seems that there was truth in your promo. Since FailFaceFTW didn't show up to promo for this match, MrSackfist is the winner.