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    In order to increase activity in the IWT outside of PPVs, I think there should be a way that we can include members weekly in matches in order to develop future feuds and storylines, as well as generally keeping individuals involved in the section. My suggestion is as follows:

    1. Get a list going on the members that would be available and interested in participating
    2. Randomly select two members to participate in a match each week (or more than one match a week depending on the response we get), as well as randomly select the type of match - some of the matches could be: Limited Promo, Unlimited Promo, Street Match, or a Ladder Match
    3. Set up a day where for 24 hours the two members are doing promos (for example: Thursday) and the following day the voting would occur
    I could take responsibility for setting up all the threads and contacting members ahead of time. If we could get a consensus on a day that would typically work for everyone that would be great. Also, please comment below if you'd like to participate and I'll start making a list. Thanks :)
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  2. OOC: I love this idea.
  3. This is a great idea, sign me up for this.
  4. Definitely on board. I've pushed for this before but it went nowhere.
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    Alright, so the interested members so far are:
    1. Adam568
    2. airbourne908
    3. CrayJ Lee
    4. NanoRah14
    5. MrSackfist
    6. Senhor Perfect
    7. Rhodes
    8. Jedi Master Farooq
    9. FailFaceFTW
    10. JwabTV
    I've also added a poll so it's easier to indicate which day would work best for the promo battles. Please indicate there which one is best for you.
  6. I still have a fight with you, maybe we could do it someday on your WFN

  7. Sure! I'm assuming this is something you're interested in so I'll add you to the list :)
  8. Yeah, I'm interested LOL. I may copy your idea but I'll mix to things and I think it'll be enjoyable... I'll make it as soon as I can
  9. Sign me up:woo:

  10. You got it! I put you on the list :obama:
  11. sat and sundays work best for me

  12. If you want to participate, I'm sure we can adjust it to accommodate for what works best for you.
  13. I wasn't suggesting that, but pretty much saying I won't be able to participate :-(

  14. Aww okay then :(
  15. Weekdays during the day are the best time for me.
  16. A fair few competitors so far, :yes: :yay:

  17. Okay perfect! I added you to the participant list :)
  18. In. However, I would like this to somehow be relationated with the PPV storylines. First contenders, non title feuds etc

  19. You can certainly tie in other storylines with the matches depending on who your opponent is. The nice thing about this too is that storylines could start to brew as a result, ultimately giving activity to other members. Not everyone's going to have a PPV storyline so it gives other members things to do. However, I will certainly be sensitive to what the planned storylines are and try and incorporate them when possible.
  20. Let's do this shit [​IMG]