Weekly WEEKLY Saturday Night Precision - Week 9 - Results

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  1. I said to give me the loss....
  2. I won't be doing that. Everyone must play their matches
  3. Didn't earn it so it's not really fair
  4. @Geek773 got to give it to you, you're on fire!
  5. Suit guy didn't get the job done? Man...
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  6. I didn't get to be a ref, me very sad.
  7. Is the defense terrified? (I love you if you got that reference)
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  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah buddy! I finally got a bit good at the game! Geek-scrub is no more (or much less than it was at least)!

    WILL GRIGG'S ON FIIIIIIIYAH - YOUR DEFENSE IS TERRIFIED. I'm *almost* Northern Irish enough to be Will Grigg, so the answer is yes. xD
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  9. :emoji_slight_smile:
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    Singles Match: @The ReagMaster VS TonySoccerBoy @Tony SB
    Winner: @The ReagMaster
    Reason: someone that I totally didn't pay came down to the ring and poked me, giving me the dq win!
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