Weird Consiracy...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. So this is kind of out there as far as conspiracies go...
    BUT... I heard about Obama being elected and announcing alien life form being spotted/found before the year is over, possibly on 12/21.

    I don't entirely believe this to be true, but with all the crap I found out the past few years, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this happened. lol

    Crazy? Sure is! Likely? Probably not.

    I figured this was something funny worth sharing...
    Especially if it did happen.
  2. My husband and his friend read it so I don't have a link/source. :pity:
  3. LOL! Someone is gullible.:vince:
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  4. I just said its unlikely. I thought it was funny thats why I posted it. Wish I had a link. lol
  5. So he's finally going to announce my existence?
  6. So what kind of alien are you?

    Like a reptile person? Shape shifter? Roger?
  7. Who the hell is Roger?
  8. Roger is the alien from American Dad. Like the typical alien stereotype. lol
  9. Oh, well in that case nah. I'm a beautiful and sexy alien.
  10. Oh boy. :maybe:
  11. Meltzer 101.
  12. Whats a consiracy? Oops lol