Weird, True & Freaky...

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  1. What's something about yourself that is weird, true & freaky?
  2. You first :smug1:
  3. Is weird and freaky not the same thing though?

    Weird: I consider myself quite knowledgable in the subject of psychology, but I would call myself relatively socially awkward.
    True: I have OCD.
    Freaky: Biting my neck turns me on. Come on Randy, do it again.
  4. I have no bad qualities :true:
  5. Who said weird, true or freaky qualities were bad?

    Lets be honest... I'm a freaking weirdo but I can give two spits about it!
  6. You posted correctly.

  7. YOU FIRST :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  8. twas a joke miss

    weird: I'm 17 and already know I want a family
    true: I have social anxiety disorder
    freaky: cant think of anything
  9. Weird: I eat tomato sauce with literally anything.
    True: I suffer from OCD, and need to wash my hands every so often.
    Freaky: I ain't no freak fool. :ryan:
  10. Weird: My hair.

    True: I have the unique ability to piss people off to an unimaginable level.

    Freaky: I'm sleazeball. :ryan:
  11. Weird: I believe weird is normal
    True: Britta is the reason i'm here. She posted on twitter to join these forums and I didn't use her as a reference :smug:
    Freaky: I was held at gunpoint once and had all my monies stolen!
  12. Weird: I have a foot fetish
    True: I hate Jersey Shore with a passion
    Freaky: A guy followed me home today. :urm: I ran away though.
  13. ^ Ewww feet. :eww:
  14. All Italians, eh?
  15. Feet are gross! :angry:
  16. You don't let your husband touch your feet?
  17. Well, yeah I do. I just don't like feet. I don't want his mouth or face near them or his feet near mine. lol
  18. His feets in your mouth? :eww:
    Other way around. I remember I grabbed a girls feet once and she freaked out and started yelling at me. :haha:
  19. I am very ticklish on my feet. So unless my husbands rubbing them... I don't want them to be touched. lol
  20. Ticklish? :haha:

    It just feels like someone is scratching my foot.