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  1. *During RAW*

    The Artist walks out with a slight grin, he is followed by Anonymous as he reaches the middle of the ramp, he tilts his head back before pyro shoots in all directions. Anonymous continues not waiting for The Artist. The Artist asks for a mic as Anonymous rolls in with no expression.

    Artist: Ladies and gentlemen, I've been talking about a Third Standard here in the New Generation for a while. Well ladies and gentlemen...Welcome back, making his return to the IWT *He takes a deep breath in* Which will be revealed later! *The Artist laughs as the crowd boo's* . We've been evaluating our performance and the only thing we seem to be missing is the numbers. We're a simple machine, that simply destroys, and we feed off of power. If you don't know what that're clearly not fit to be listening to me, and you should be hanging out with those twerps called The British Pain.

    Artist looks around the arena as fixed reactions fill the air.

    Artist: We've rampaged in and out and today marks another milestone in our age...In OUR NEW GENERATION! This will mark the age that we grow to new heights, we...weren't born yesterday *The Artist chuckles* We were born in a wiser time and now the New Generation is molding it's own future from the same knowledge and it's whipping it in the battlefront...I promised a storm, and I always keep a promise. Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome back to the IWT...

    *The Artist points at the stage*
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  2. The arena lights flicker as the crowd erupts. (Nowhere as loud as Marcus Anthony.)


    Christian comes out on the stage wearing street clothes as he gestures the crowd and makes his way down the to the ring. Christian walks onto the steelsteps and into the ring.

    He looks onto The Artist and shakes his hand and looks onto Anonymous. He then goes for a handshake which transitions into a hug as they all smile.

    Christian gets handed a microphone as he clears his throat and strokes his jaw.

    Christian: You know, I've been gone from this company many times in my career! I've been gone many times and each time I came back, I came back better and I came back... for a reason.

    Now this isn't about the World Heavyweight Championship like usual, but rather it's a man. A man, that you may all know. He goes by the name of, Dat Kid...

    See Dat Kid, we've known each other for a long time, since the beginning of IWT. We've worked in the same company for a long time, we've crossed paths more times than I can remember, BUT... we've never actually had a match. See, while you were busy flirting with the DUI convict, Aids Johnson, I was waiting for my name to be called up for a chance to take you down. And that opportunity never came up...

    You say the first generation is DEAD! Two men from the first generation stand right in the middle of this ring.

    Christian changes his focus onto the crowd

    Christian: Now I know this might be confusing for all of you, knowing how we are in Los Angeles, California!

    The crowd starts boo'ing

    Christian: But mostly as this stable is called "The New Generation", yet the only one that's a part of that is The Artist. This isn't a stable... this is an alliance. An alliance to take down one man, that happens to be black, so don't make this no Ferguson situation after we wipe him off this planet!

    The crowd starts boo'ing as Christian focuses back onto the camera

    Christian: Dat Kid, you've ran away from me many times, you've made excuses your entire life, but now that you've went through every obstacle in IWT, The New Generation stands in front of you. And once we take you down, the first generation will truly be dead....


    The crowd reacts and responds "HOW I ROLL!"

    How we roll...

    Christian smirks and drops his microphone onto the mat and looks onto Anonymous and Artist as his theme hits.
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  3. *Suddenly, Christians theme is cut off and a new one is played*

    *The crowd gives a slight pop to the mysterious man they heard off before, for interrupting Christian.
    Meanwhile the huge brute known as Alkatrz comes storming out of the curtain Before eying up all the men in front of him*

    What the hell! Did I just hear?
    I think I just heard a bunch of jack offs, bragging in the ring about how great they were, without even throwing an arm...
    Do you really think flapping those slimy little lips around is going to scare ME OFF?

    Don' tell me, was that supposed to make me reconsider PUMMELING YOU?
    Don't answer that, DOOFUS.

    You see, the first mistake you took was walking on the sacred ground, known as "My Playground"
    See back in the day, if you stepped on my turf, me and the rest of the boys would make sure you would never...
    walk again.

    So why don't you grab those mics, ram them up each others *BLEEP* and then *BLEEP*

    *The crowd pops for the foul language they heard over mic and due to their ambition for a fight*

    Now I know I'm the new guy around here, but that doesn't mean I am scared to bash a few heads in to prove myself. So really punks, keep acting like you run the god damn show, and I will give you a taste of reality.

    *Alkatrz rips off his sleeveless hoodie to show a huge build, covered in tattoo's
    He goes to walk towards the other wrestlers when a swarm of security guards come out and try to drag him backstage*

    Get off me now!


    *Alkatrz begins fighting the security guards off as he begins throwing them off the ramp and storms backstage
    The crowd starts booing the security guards but give a good pop every time one was thrown off the ramp*
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  4. The Artist get's a sarcastic grin on his face as leans over the rope. As he tells the Security guards to let him go.

    Artist: Who let Amanda Bynes' brother out of the nut house? Listen up kid, I like're good, but are you good enough to represent The New Generation?

    Artist waits for a reply....
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  5. *The big brute charges through the last 6 guards knocking them out of the curtain before grabbing his mic again*

    Hmmm... Why don't we see?

    *Alkatrz cracks his knuckles and begins to bounce on the ramp*

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  6. Artist laughs as does the rest of The New Generation.

    Artist: I see you don't know what we're talking about...DO YOU...WANT...TO...JOIN....US *Artist uses hand motions and speaks as slow as possible as if Alkatrz was stupid*

    Artist: Yes or No?

    Artist waits.
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  7. Christian turns to Anonymous

    Christian: Holy fuck, he's ugly.
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  8. *Alkatrz's face says it all
    The crowd begin mocking the big guy and treating him like a simpleton*


    *The crowd erupts in suprise after this blockbuster moment*

    But. Only If you let me beat the *BLEEP* outta somebody reallll soon...
  9. The Artist walks up to the ramp, as he raises his hand as the crowd pops.
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  10. Christian grabs the mic that he dropped and smirks. He signals them to come back into the ring as they do.

    Christian: Ladies and Gentlemen... The NEW Generation.

    Christian, Anonymous, The Artist and Alkatrz are all lined up in the ring looking straight into the crowd/camera.
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  11. nooooooooooooooooooooooo tumbas
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  12. OOC: It was best, for businessughhhhh:pity2:
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  14. darnit
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  15. OOC: I still think @seabs and I should sue for copyright infringement.
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  16. Our contend ashlsy
  17. Farooq watches from one of the box seat, standing at that moment. He shakes his head before sitting back down.
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  18. Show Spoiler
    We had warm seat for you, too bad.:tough:
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  19. OOC: Epic thread :D
  20. Dat Kid takes a shit in Roadster's gym bag in the locker room
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