Storyline Welcome to an new era.(Mini Debut)

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  1. *The arena goes dark and smoke fills the ring and music starts*

    *And out walks two new signings A man and A woman, The Mna with his short blonde hair,Wearing jeans and a Bring Me the Horizon shirt and a black jacket.
    The woman with her longish Red hair stands behind the guy as he takes a mic.*

    Chris Young :My name is Chris Young and I'm here to show everyone that I'm the best damn wrestler around.
    I have worked in Japan for 3 years, But it's about the now and me and my wife Lilith Young who is the amazing woman standing next to me and we are going to show everyone here a new era of pro wrestling.
    And I know what you are saying "Oh This guy is talking up his behind", Well Let me show you when I step into that ring.
    You’re gonna have to run me over with a car, to get rid of me!
    Welcome to my dark zone.
    Bienvenue dans mon monde.

    *The two walk backstage*
  2. I see you have debuted due to the good forum shutting down, right behind you buddy, let's go, BetterLeagueInvasion:kermit:
  3. fixed
  4. Sorry, daddy.
  5. You made me puke, with that one. 4 years strong, brother.
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