Welcome To ICW!

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  1. *Major pyro show, the lights come on with the music still blaring and the crowd going wild, and standing in the middle is Roadster, founder and CEO of ICW!*

    "Welcome to I.....C.....W! The new face of pro sports! The new face of pro wrestling!"

    *Crowd Pop*

    "We are set out to change the landscape of pro wrestling! I don't know if you know this but it's chaos over at the IWT! GM issues, power abuse, bull crap! And i'm here to say....NONE OF THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN HERE!"

    *Major Crowd Pop*

    "I'm in the works of signing major talent! I can't reveal any details but it's simply Dazzling!"

    *Huge "YEAH" Pop For The Unnamed Man*

    "We have PWGP, AMW, Fed-X which has delayed their March 12th show! and their all good, but they aren't on par with us! We pay our athletes for outstanding achievements, we listen to the fans and what the fans want is great action! Simply put this promotion is exactly what it looks like, bad ass!"

    *Crowd Pop*

    "For the time being take a look at our current roster!"

    OOC: @sXe ToTo and @Ed! please make your debut promos.
  2. Debut Promos?
  3. Yeah, make a promo introducing yourselves just kick this place off.
  4. You`ll have this in a bit
  5. You want a mid-carder (TV Title) to introduce himself? Shouldn't it be the main eventers doing the intros?
  6. What? Curtis Axel (Mid Carder) Intro Debut, Drew Mcintyre (Mid Card) intro debut, It's to boost activity and it helps me determine your future.