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    *Lights go out for a minute and the stage is slowly lit up with red light revealing Trip at the top of the ramp in front of a table with his back to the crowd in what looks like a bloody butcher's apron. The table looks like it has something on it, but it is indistinguishable from a distance. His long hair looks greasy and he has a cleaver in his hand. He turns around quickly like he was surprised by the crowd being there*

    Trip (over his shoulder): Oh! Hello there. You caught me in the middle of something. Just a second and I will be right with you. *smiles*

    *Trip seems to finish whatever he was doing and then wipes off his cleaver on his apron and throws them down on the table. He walks around the top of the stage with the mic while talking, bathed in the red light*

    Trip: So this is the IWT universe eh? Perhaps I can find a place for myself in this hellish landscape. You know, they say when you go to prison you should find the biggest guy there and beat the hell out of them to make a name for yourself. I wonder if that works? Let me ask my friend.

    *Trip walks over to the table and appears to be talking to the mess on the table?*

    Trip: See Tommy boy here used to be the big dog at the last place they kept me. You could say they let me out. Or you could say there was no one left to keep me in. Whichever works for you. But NOW, now I have arrived in the IWT. And I had thought about taking that same tactic, but..............

    *Trip hangs his head and closes his eyes for a about 5 seconds*

    Trip: BUT I'd much RATHER have the biggest guy here come after ME. In fact, anybody can come after me. I am ENCOURAGING you too. You see, I have issues I need to work out. And this place........this place lets me get my fix. SOOOO come one, come all, and visit my own person hell. If you dare..........haha......hahaha.......ahahahhahaha!

    *Pyrotechnics go off suddenly and the lights go out again. Trip and all his stuff is gone when the smoke clears and the lights come back up*

    OOC: Hope you guys like it ;)
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  2. BAH, apparently I need to learn how to post titantron videos here. Damn it. :facepalm1:
  3. click the picture of the video strip next to the picture of the tree below the font options. Embed the http:// address of the video you want to use

  4. Omg dont. Thats creepy
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  5. Oh I see. Took a minute to figure out what you meant. Thank you kindly. :jericho:
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  6. Yeah that picture up while it plays isn't my favorite, but I couldn't find any other examples of the song online. You are talking about the video right?
  7. *Duggan backstage watching, his face expression is creeped out*
    Duggan: ... ... ... ... ... *looks at a crew member, points at the telelvsion, crew member signals "I don't know", that was creepy as fuck*
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