Storyline Welcome to the Art Show (Debut)

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  1. Arno Fyre's theme fills the Arena as he takes his time going down the ramp, moving to the rhythm of Fur Elise. Once in the ring he grabs for a micro-phone and softly motions for the music to be cut. He stands in the middle of the ring silently for a moment gazing upon the crowd. The crowd doesn't know how to react exactly so they stay quiet.

    You know what I love about art? It's all about self expression. Yes, with each stroke of a paintbrush you're expressing emotion. I fancy myself an artist--yes its true I'm an artist indeed! Except you see the body is my canvas...*chuckles* ...and with each bone I break I'm expessing my emotions *sinester laughter*. You see I'm not here to win championships or make friends. I'm here to Beautiful works of art, on par with the greats like DaVinci and Picasso.

    The crowd begin "What" chants but Frye laughs it off and continues talking...

    Oh I unfortunate, it seems you people aren't are as intellectually inclined as I would've matter, they say art is subjective. You may not understand my art but in time- hopefully- you'll appreciate it! * runs his fingers through his green hair; adjusts his jacket* As for the rest of the IWT roster....Welcome to the Art-show and I'm your host, Arno Frye...the man that will not die.

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  2. Reagan Cole is seen backstage drinking a can of 7-up, watching the segment

    Reagan: good to know that Jay Sparks has finally arrived in IWT.

    Reagan throws the can into a nearby trash bin and walks away
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  3. 0:40 Evander Amos makes his way to the stage in a sleeveless black hoodie and gym shorts.

    What do we have here, we got ourselves a Bob Ross. I don't know much about art, but I do no something about rattling some teeth like we out here playing scraps and I do believe the place to do that, is there very place your standing. This isn't an art show, I'm not eating cheese and crackers, no one's drinking wine...alright maybe just a little wine-BUT that ain't the point.

    Amos starts walking down the ramp.

    Now you're calling yourself a canvas for broken bones, blood, and all that other sunday afternoon stuff in the IWT, that's cute, but I see no broken bones in that ring. So I guess you're an art show without the art, how-what's the word, avant garde of you. So why don't I get in there and you can make some art with me, but don't hold me to high expectations, because I finger paint with all five fingers slapping you across the ring.

    Amos gets stands on the apron.

    And if that's not clear enough for you, I'm challenging you to a match, right now.
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  4. Frye steps back as Amos positions himself of the apron. Now visably disgruntled, Frye begins to remove off his jacket.

    You're right this art show is empty, but soon it won't be. In fact...I'm looking at my first piece *laughs*. You are imperfect. A blemish on the beauty of society. But...if you feel so inclined to step into the ring...I'll make you a true work of art.

    Arno Frye laughs hysterically but quickly puts on a serious face, he throws his Jacket out of the ring along with the micro-phone and cracks his neck/knuckles.
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