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  1. For a while now, @Solidus and I have been looking to expand our group of moderators with one more name. And after a fair deal of thinking, searching and debating on what makes a good mod and who would fit the bill, we finally found the chosen one so to speak.

    We'll keep it short, so without further ado, please welcome @Sharpy Briscdow as our newest full on moderator of this site. Joining the historic rank of mods such as Seabs, Shadow and Senhor Perfect, as well as illustrious alumni like Xant, Lady Deathbane and more.

    Congratulations Sharpy, and welcome aboard.
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  2. Fucking stoner.
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  3. Congrats, Sharpy!
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  4. Thank you for the Modship, I'll use it well :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    And as for the high thing.. I'm not sure how you guys knew:notsure:
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  5. In the end it all came down to Sharpy's username starting with an S.:true:
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  6. So if I change my username to let's say Shepherd Of Fire or Subterranean, do I get to be the mod? :zayn:
  7. You want to rename yourself 'Subterranean'? :idk:
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  8. Hell no. Couldn't think of anything else, so that Foo Fighters song was the only thing that came to mind. lol
  9. Oh good, was scared for your mental sake! .. was worried the mole people who live underground had gained access to our interwebz.
  10. You never know...
  11. [​IMG]
  12. :nooo:
  13. At this point, another mod has got to mean you all make up 20% of the active members on this site. Either way, Congrats Sharpy...I can't think of a better option for a chill mod.
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  14. It's a good way to make sure there's someone keeping an eye on things 24/7 though.. with this line-up there's always at least one of us on, or so I've noticed over time.. and thank you man I appreciate it!
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  15. "illustrious alumni like Xant, Lady Deathbane"

    Really? Hahahahahaha fucking hell. Not sure what was more of a laughable decision, that or Brit getting admin. :booker2::russo:
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  16. As if obvious joke wasn't obvious enough
  17. Congrats, on the illustrious alumini front surely niggaswag and Action Jackson are top of the pyramid.
  18. Domino's pizza is a joke you Eurofag :pipebomb:

    Congrats bro. Please don't ban me
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  19. How dare u I am a eurofag u fat stupid Yank!