Storyline Welcoming Mr Money

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  1. *New music blasts through the speakers of the arena. People in the know instantly begin to boo, but most stay mumbling, waiting to see who will appear. A small, well-dressed older man walks out onto the stage followed by a well built man wearing a full black suit and sunglasses. The smaller man of the two steps to the side and begins to clap at the other man. These two men are none other than IWT's newest signing Buster Gates and his butler Reginald. The pair begin to walk down to the ring. As they reach the steps Reginald rushes forward to sit on the second rope, allowing Buster easier access to enter the ring. He enters and readjusts his suit jacket as Reginald enters the ring. Reginald pulls a custom microphone out of his suit jacket with the initials "BG" engraved onto the side.*

    Reginald: Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand up and welcome IWT's newest signing, Buster Gates!

    *Avid fans like before begin to boo. The majority stay waiting to see what the big man has to say. Reginald passes the microphone over to Buster. He takes off his sunglasses and places them in his pocket.*

    Buster Gates: Well, well, well... I've been around the world but never have I ever seen an audience quite like this one. As far as inbred looking peasants go, you people top the charts!

    *The audience begin to boo.*

    Buster Gates: For those of you who do not know who I am, my name is Buster Gates. And this gentleman right here is the Alfred to my Bruce Wayne, he is my man-servant Reginald... I won't lie to you and say that I know anyone else who works in this company because I don't. I don't know who the top guys are, who the bottom feeders are, or even who the champions are because honestly it doesn't matter. Now that i'm here there's only going to be one name that matters, and that name is Buster Gates.

    *Buster takes a second to smirk as more boos pour in.*

    Buster Gates: You see, I don't take kindly to being anywhere but the top of the card because that is the position I deserve. That main title, what's it called again?

    *Buster holds the microphone to Reginald's mouth.*

    Reginald: The IWT World Championship, sir.

    Buster Gates: Yeah, that thing. That is soon going to be mine. As I walked through the backstage area earlier today, I saw the rest of the roster looking at me and I was disgusted. Sweaty, out of shape middle-class scum fill those halls and it made me anxious. I was anxious to beat the piss out of anyone who dared try to step up to me. I saw them, gawking at me. Checking out my $3000 custom made suit, my designer sunglasses, my Rolex watch and they were jealous. I sneezed because of the stench of some of them and the only thing I had to wipe my nose was a $50 note. The look on their faces as I wiped my nose and tossed it to the side was wonderful. The disgust, the horror... Outstanding. My mother inherited millions from my grandfathers soap company when he passed away, and in turn a lot of that was passed down to me. I have enough money to last me twenty lifetimes, so considering I only have one, I spend my money on whatever I please. Some of the lowlifes backstage are working their asses off from paycheck to paycheck to support their families, to pay their bills and I can't help but laugh at their misfortune.

    *Buster chuckles.*

    Buster Gates: I would like to say i'm looking forward to showing you what I can do in this ring, but i'm not. People like you aren't worthy of seeing people like me wrestle. But, I do feel charitable from time to time. So when I do step in this ring to fight, that will be my gift to you. You will appreciate my greatness and you will applaud as you should when I take out opponent after opponent. Anyway, I feel like I've spent enough time out here. I don't want to catch poverty from you people so I will now leave. Just remember the name Buster Gates. You've been truly blessed with my arrival. Don't hold back on worshipping me.

    *Buster closes his eyes and holds out his arms as thunderous boos surround the arena. His music hits again and he passes his microphone back to Reginald. The two men exit the ring and head backstage.*

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