Storyline Welcoming of the Beacon

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  1. *Loud pop, sign that say "WORSHIP THE PANDA" go up*
    Announcer 1: Oh no, what is it now?
    Announcer 2: Just remain quiet and keep a distance...
    *Out comes Mike Boston along with Leo Wang and Jason of the High Council whos carrying a sack of potatoes, they stop and dance on the stage, then work there way into the ring, music cuts off*
    Mike: ... ... ... ... Greetings fellow civilians, today is the 3rd day of the 12th month! Which means according to Panda Time! We must throw potatoes at you! Enjoy! *Mike, Leo and Jason throw potatoes into the crowd, Mike throws 2 potatoes at the announcers*
    Announcers: Ah! Hey!!
    Mike: Now the to address the Jelly of the dying coconut tree! Oh sweet tree covered in jelly we thank you for your walnuts but we ask for coconuts so we ask why you give us these nuts, then we realize, its because the Walrus failed to confess its sins, we apologize for our rood remarks, egg salad *Mike does a headstand in the corner*
    Leo: Oh great Panda we thank you for your Potatoes and Jelly tree, Tree by the knee, knee by the tree whats calling to me. *Leo looks right, screams hops in Jason's arm* Has that day come?
    *Mike gets up and looks*
    Mike: Now that ma is wearing a green shirt, if it was red then we have a problem... *Guy i the Green shirt looks around wondering what they were talking about* Anyway, thanks to Master Wang and the help of the High Council I am now guided! Now I can eat my watermelons while wearing an orange shirt and facing east! Master, as a gift! I give you, this! *Mike gets out a show lace, Leo nearly faints*
    Leo: How did you know about the Zebra's family?
    Mike: Morty told me! He said it would be a enhanced for generations if I gave it to you!
    *Leo takes the show lace and wraps it around his neck, he hops onto the ring corner and screams something to the ceiling, gets down*
    Leo: Ah! I feel the stampede!
    Mike: Great! Now then with all our doings done, shall we bring him out?
    Leo: Indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen! Mongoose and spruce! Papayas and Gorillas! I would like to introduce a man who we've been searching for, for many generations. He will guide the Elephants, he will bring peace to the Oak people, he will reincarnate the 546th tribe of Giyoa and worship with them! He is! DA BEACON MISTER DEXX DUGGAN!!!!!

  2. *Arena goes dark, few lights flash on the stage, at 0:29, a light flashes and standing on the stage is Dexx, he's wearing sunglasses, a flashy grey jacket, and has a guitar*
    A1: WHAT THE-
    *Dexx looks around, Leo, Jason and Mike try to get ahold of themselves, at 1:37, he raises the guitar, walks down the ramp, gets in the ring, hops on the top rope and starts playing the guitar, music cuts off*
    Dexx: ... ... ... ... ... ... ...... ... ... .. .. thank you o great Master Wang! Gentlemen of the Moose! Moose of the Mice! Mice of the Blue Jays! It is I! DA BEACON! The Panda was searching for me for many generations, wondering of my whereabouts until I was finally rescued from the world I thought I knew! Thanks to Mike Boston!!!! Boston, I give you my guitar, I give you my bread and butter, I will stand by your side guide you, show you da wayz and help finish your quest, for I learned from the Gorilla, that once Da Beacon is rescued, he must give his soul to his savior!
    Leo: Ah yes!!!! HAHA!!! I feel it!!!! Its all coming together, the jam, the jelly ad the bread! Now i've waited for this for 17 years!!!! Beacon, you know what i'm talking about?
    Dexx: Yes Master! *Starts playing guitar, sings* Oh sweet Unicorn, I want the apple to live... I can't go on... without him... for it grants me 18 limbs....
    *Leo nearly does a back flip*
    A1: Duggans gone loco too?!
    A2: You gotta be kidding!
    Dexx: Everybody sing! *Dugga keeps playing the song, crowd starts to sing(opening for someone to interruppt us)*
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