Royal Rumble What are the odds of Brock Lesnar...

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    Losing the title at the Rumble, only to enter the RR match later on and win?


    - What are your thoughts on this, fellas? It's definitely an interesting theory.
    But, quite frankly, I don't see it happening.

    The fans are firmly behind Bryan/Reigns. I think they'll go with either of the two.
    My pick is Bryan, but I also wouldn't mind Reigns winning it, seeing as how he's really been improving in the ring and on the mic ever since he returned from injury.

    As far as Lesnar/Cena/Rollins match goes, my guess is that Lesnar will retain.
  2. Okay :lol1:

    But it's definitely an interesting theory by Joey Styles. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD!
  3. ...what? Doesn't he still get a rematch clause? Or did WWE forget that thing happens?
  4. Joey's theory is completely unrealistic. There is absolutely no benefit for WWE to put Lesnar in that position, especially if he hasn't signed a new contract beforehand. Back when there were two world championships, maybe. The momentum of the Rumble winner wasn't as important because there was another match. I see absolutely no benefit for the scenario Joey describes.
  5. Yeah, it'd be rather ballsy on WWE's side to choose Lesnar over Bryan/Reigns.

    The theory, while not being too realistic, it does sound interesting, though.
  6. Undoubtedly. It would be nice because it would show WWE is actually capable of thinking differently.

    I disagree with Joey, though. IF they were to do such a thing, I maintain that Lesnar retains the title and Rollins cashes in and wins. Thus Lesnar feels screwed and Rollins thinks he's safe from Lesnar since Lesnar isn't in the Rumble. So the already existing heat between the two leads to Wrestlemania.

    I actually wouldn't want that over Daniel Bryan or Ambrose. Kind of like my Undertaker idea in that the concept is interesting but the match would suck. Your favorite scenario would be be much better.

    I'm honestly at the point where I have no idea what will happen and that is great.
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  7. A pretty senseless theory considering if WWE didn't want Brock leaving the Rumble as champion but still wanted him in the title match at Wrestlemania, there's a hundred ways that they could work him in there (the most logical of them being his obligatory rematch clause, of course) without needing to waste a victory in the Royal Rumble match on him. I mean, the swerve and unpredictability factor of Brock winning it would be cool and all, but it'd also be one of those things where five minutes after it sinks in you're just left shaking your head and going, "well, that was pretty stupid." Just how many more accolades does this guy NEED anyway? Jesus.

    I will say that if Brock isn't gonna be competing in the championship match come Wrestlemania, then him entering the Rumble and being eliminated by someone would be a sound way of setting up a non-title program at Mania with whoever the person who eliminated him is. Say for instance that they're going ahead with Reigns as the Rumble winner, but they still want to do Bryan vs Lesnar in a non-title match - Just have Bryan eliminate him to a big pop, then have Lesnar either F-5 him which will make it easier for someone else to dump him out, or have Brock just beat the ever-loving shit out of him so bad that he isn't able to continue the match (pretty much the same exact set up for Angle vs Michaels at WM21 a decade ago.) Lesnar leaves TV and Bryan then spends the next several weeks calling him out for costing him the Rumble, and once we get past the Fast Lane PPV and into the build for Wrestlemania, Lesnar reappears and you set up a match for Mania, etc. Just an idea.

    Either way, I don't see much chance (read: Any) of Joey's theory panning out, especially since I largely suspect that the championship match is going on last again this year (ala 1996-1998, 2006, 2013), making it impossible for Brock to enter the Rumble afterwards anyway.
  8. This title match is unpredictable, I still strongly believe Cena will win and Ruzev will come into play in which then Rollins cashes in. Then Reigns wins the rumble... if Lesnar wins it then Bryan should win the rumble.
  9. :yes:
  10. If the title match goes on before the Rumble match, my Rumble prediction is going to be based on who is the WHC.

    If Lesnar walks away as WHC, a Bryan Rumble win makes perfect sense (underdog overcoming the "ultimate odds" to become World Heavyweight Champion). If Rollins walks away with the victory, then it makes more sense for Reigns to win it (former best buds fighting it out over the top prize in the business). If Cena wins the title,.........that actually opens up the widest range of possibilities and I could see just about anybody winning the Rumble if that were the result.

    Of course, we're also missing one possibility: what if Lesnar loses the title at the Rumble and Bryan wins the Rumble. Then, Lesnar wins it back at Fast Lane in the rematch, setting up either a one-on-one against Bryan at Mania or a three-way at Mania between Bryan, Lesnar, and Rollins....which could also work if Reigns won the Rumble.

    I don't know. I'm like Foxy up there. I have no idea what might happen, but I'm excited by that.

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  11. CENAWINSLOL ain't happening, or at least I'd like to think so.

    My prediction for tonight is Lesnar retains, Bryan wins the Rumble and we have a match at Mania 31, the ultimate David versus the ultimate Goliath.
    Bryan wins, Bork Laser goes ballistic on him afterwards, Rollins cashes in and leaves as the new WWE-WHC. Then, we'd get Rollins/Bryan feud.

    Fantasy booking, right there.
  12. It is fantasy booking, but, unlike many fantasy booking scenarios I've seen, that would be a very entertaining program.

  13. Aye, here's to hoping it ends up happening for real.
  14. I actually think that if Rollins walks away with the title that Orton has the best chance of winning the Rumble. As much as they really shouldn't be giving him another big accolade like winning another Rumble, they have to pay the Orton/Rollins program off somehow and I'd rather they didn't just hastily book a match between them at a throwaway PPV like Fast Lane. (I see Rollins vs Cena headlining Fast Lane if Rollins leaves the Rumble as champion, with Rollins retaining the title and getting the last word on Cena.) Plus, Rollins vs Reigns sounds like a pretty terrible championship match for a Wrestlemania, despite the history they have together.

    My gut and intuition tells me that if Cena wins, it'll be Roman Reigns winning the Rumble. Although Cena vs Bryan would be a pretty funny coincidence, considering Cena is a die-hard fan of his home-team the New England Patriots and Bryan is a die-hard fan of his home-team the Seattle Seahawks, and yet the Superbowl this year pits both of those teams against each another (Wrestlemania being WWE's own version of the Superbowl, in relation to Cena vs Bryan...)

    So many numerous possibilities this year, but I'm hoping like hell they go with the expected plan of Lesnar dropping the title to either Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns. I'd prefer the former as it'd have the biggest backstory to it and be the better match, but I wouldn't hate the latter since it would still be making a young talent into a bona-fide main event star.
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  15. I actually think Orton will spoil the cash-in (probably allowing Rollins to retain the briefcase so he can cash it in on the title winner at Mania), which will lead to a build-up to a Wrestlemania match between Rollins and Orton, which Orton will probably win, but allowing Rollins to get his mojo back later in the night with aforementioned cash-in.

  16. Yeah, that's how I expect things to go down as well. Basically, whether it's Sting showing up to stir shit up again or (much more likely) Orton making his return, I see virtually no chance of Rollins walking away with the title tonight.
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  17. I don't know that I would say "virtually no chance", but I see it as a serious long shot considering how many more profitable ways there are to go with the title at this point.

  18. I see the cash-in happening tonight. Knowing Rollins' ''Plan A'' is highly unlikely to work out, he'll try and execute his ''Plan B'', being his MITB briefcase...
    But then, he'd be stopped by either Cena/Sting/Orton and would keep the briefcase because the match would never officially start.

    I see his (successful) cash-in being saved for something as huge as WM. So, here's to hoping it happens there.
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  19. Interesting idea. But makes no sense and not going to happen.
  20. I'm curious as to why it doesn't make sense. I actually think if Rollins loses the triple threat and then cashes in afterwards, that makes perfect sense. WWE doesn't generally put the MITB case holder into many title matches. Rollins in this position has the most enviable heel position I have ever imagined. He literally not only has a second chance at the title, but cashing in makes it one on one. To my memory, such a thing has never happened in WWE and they do like to occasionally throw in those new scenarios.

    Personally, I disagree about Rollins being cost the match if he does cash in. I think if it goes this way that he will walk out with the belt. It probably won't happen but I don't think its remotely far fetched.