Football What are the top 5 Football/Soccer Leagues in the World?

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  1. As someone who follows (sparingly) the English PL, Champions League, and major matches of the Spanish League, I would guess

    Brazilian? French? German?

    Crayo & other soccer noobs help me out here
  2. English Premier League :laugh:
    Spanish Primera
    German Bundesliga
    Italian Serie A
    France (even though I'd take Brazilian any time over it)

    Yeah, color me soccer noob. :ace:
  3. English
    German Bundesliga/France
    Insert Latin American country here

    Dutch league somewhere in this general direction
    Rest of western/northern Europe.
  4. Premier league
    La liga
    seria A (used to be above la liga for me but due to finance issues with a lot of clubs and match fixing controversy it dropped.
    Championship could be close for 5th a lot of good teams and money in spent there or Frances ligue 1.
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  5. Premier League
    La Liga
    Seria A
    Bundesliga (only because of Bayern)
    Ligue 1 (Lyon, PSG, Lille)
    Brazilian (Santos, Sau Paulo)

    Under you'd have the dutch league, lots of talented footballers.
  6. So I was pretty much on point with my guesses.
  7. Yeah pretty much. Italians used to be on top to be honest. Then they went through a horrible patch but they're coming good again now with Juve having some nice players like Krasic, Napoli having my main man Lavezzi, AC Milan having Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Pato, Boateng etc.


    Spain in theory have the best two teams in the world but their league is so boring to watch with Barca and Real practically storming every match, Valencia naturally coming third, it's really about who gets 4th. Our league is so open, top teams lose at any time, all teams on their day are unplayable. Wigan for example, near the bottom, but have beaten Spurs, Utd, Liverpool (away), Newcastle and Chelsea. Not luckily, they dominated those games.
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