WrestleMania What are your WrestleMania 28 Picks of Matchest for This Year!

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  1. Notes this is not for what this want to have been it what you think WWE is gonig with and or will go with!

    Main Event well we knew all ready!

    The Rock vs. John Cena

    WWE Champion Y2J vs. CM Punk winner is Best in the World for the WWE Champion

    Saddly Undertaker vs. HHH for the3 DAM TIME! yes very create WWE NOT! Undertaker 3rd favorites and I don't want this match

    World Champin Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the World Champion

    Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

    IC Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust for the IC

    WWE Diva Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

    And a Money in the Bank match Kane vs. Zigger vs. Jack Swagger vs. Miz vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali vs. Booker T all former WWE and or World Champion!

    Will what did you think will have been?​
  2. Rock VS Cena. They won't disappoint us.
  3. Rock vs Cena..... Are all these matches confirmed, or just your guesses?
  4. Did you not read the title? I put WrestleMania 28 Picks! Which would mean guesses!And as what were your WrestleMania 28 Picks this is baiscly a guess post of what match do u think will be on the card this years! The post I have the match I think will be on the card what are ur picks/guesses?
  5. I agree with yours Randy, but I don't know if they've scrapped the Goldust storyline - we've not seen him for a while.
  6. Hopefully it's because they wanted Cody as Mr Money In The Bank.
  7. My god after seeing Cody on SmackDown opening segment this week, he's ready to skip that and just stay in the ME. Him & Barrett stole the show.

    But if he's in the ME with his case, I'd love to see his promos so I don't mind. I was convinced Dolph was getting it.
  8. This post would for ur guesses on what will be the WM28 Card can u got that post get me a whole match card please?

    This post would for ur guesses on what will be the WM28 Card can u got that post get me a whole match card please?
  9. My picks would be

    Rock vs Cena

    Undertaker vs HHH (Even though people are moaning about this match, undertaker has yet to me down at a wrestlemania match.)

    Mick Foley Vs Dolh Ziggler/ John Lorenedus (or however his name is spelled)

    Y2J vs Punk

    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust (Lets hope this happens and Goldust wins the title) [People talk about Christian being underrated, Goldust imo is equally as underrated if not more.]

    Kane Vs Zack Ryder

    These are the matches im looking forward to honestly.