What did you do today thread.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Done something interesting today? Post it here!
  2. Woke up. Turned the PC on. Played some TEW. Came here. :burns:
  3. talked over wwe 12 gameplay

    made money
  4. :win:

    Played on PS3, WWE 12. And scoured this forum. :true:
  5. Posted a load of new articles on my football blog (not the hand egg type) I got really bored and decided to do it.
  6. Moved house! WOO :win:
  7. Worked at a open house at my university. Answered questions from potential freshmen.


    Also rode a segway
  8. worked out
    cleaned my place up abit
  9. Woke up
    Took girl home
    Bought stuff in town
    Went home
  10. Got in about 4, came onto Crayo in a PM, ranted at some guy on twitter because I unfollowed him ( he had one of those things which tags you telling), posted some random shit on here, couldn't get asleep to about 2PM, so I talked to some girl who I met last night who bizarrely knows me as Nathan seems about it. Also I ate some toast.
  11. :laugh:
  12. Just woke up. Fed my cat and dogs. Took a dead bird away from my dog so they would stop eating it (they had already eaten it's head). Turned on my computer. Posted this message.
  13. I woke up
    I cleaned the kitchen
    Now I'm going to be home alone for at least 6 hours :win:
  14. Damn, random bird on Facebook is having a bikini party 40mins drive from my house today, why must I be babysitting :upset:
  15. Bro I don't think you'd look too good in a bikini, no offence.
  16. Why would you want to go to a bikini party with birds? More importantly birds are on facebook and throwing parties? how is this not all over the news
  17. I've got the boobs for it?:sad:


    Sorry forgot to unscottishize the post.. females. I'll leave the animal molestation to Sandy's parents.
  18. Maybe beating @[Crayo] at FIFA 12?
  19. Don't have an adapter yet, it hasn't come. I'd wipe the floor with you sonny jim.
  20. Hahahaha pathetic excuse AHAA :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: