Storyline "What did you just call me?"

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  1. The Camera switches backstage to find Aiden Ryan near the interview section, watching the pay per view via a nailed TV. He looks to be studying the moves, the atmosphere fairly well with his eyes. A hand with red nails slowly places itself on the shoulder of Ryan, as he then turns around. His eyes open widly as the camera zooms out and the hand turns to a woman, that woman being Vickie Guerrero. The audience erupts with a negative reaction as Aiden sighs and starts the conversations off.
    "What do you want?"
    He turns himself around as Vickie points to herself.
    "I'm here to congratulate you on what a wonderful job you've been doing. And I hear you will be managing two talents into a tag team match tonight, and I just wanted to give you some words of advice."

    "And why exactly would I take advice from someone who made my life a living hell three months ago?"

    "Oh that's in the past, Let's move forward with our lives. Look, I know the things I had done to you, were uncalled for, awful, but look at the man you've become. You went from being that whiny rookie, to being this incredible X division talent. Give me some credit, I pushed you."

    "You pushed me? You're right, you did push me. However it may be perceived, it was most defiantly not towards success. The only person who has given me anything is the man i look at in the mirror every morning of each hotel i travel to. Yes I was in one of the biggest stables in IWT history, and yes you were the highlight of my career. But not anymore. You see I am no longer labeled as "Crazy." I am no longer labeled as a "Victim." and it's not because of you, It's because I pushed myself out of that hole of depression, I pushed myself out of that whole of being victimized. I am no longer a victim to you, to them, and i don't need advice from some snooty, ungrateful, bit.."

    "Let me cut you off there, Parker."

    The audience erupts in a shocked manner. The camera zooms in on Aiden's face which looked as if he had been slapped, emotions rain in on Aiden as he looks away and bites his bottom lip. Looking back up he rubs the back of his neck and responds.

    "Wh..what did you just call me?"

    Vickie Smirks as she then rests her hand back on the shoulder of Aiden, with a slight sigh she then responds with.

    "Sorry, Sweetheart. You go by "Aiden." now right? Figures. Because who would want to find out your deep, deep secret of who you really are? I mean they already know what a home wrecking man whore you were, but who would want to find out about your true self? What would Brandon think about the lies you have told? I mean you did train in the same wrestling school together. What about British Kid? Or your idols Victoria And Joey? It wouldn't come as a surprise to Trevor Or Jwab, Or even Alias. You wanna know why that is? Because people see right through your antics, and push comes to shove my dear you will see what happens when you cross me."

    "Vickie! You wouldn't?"

    "Try me."

    "Are you threatening me?"

    "You're a smart rookie, you figure it out."

    She walks off as the camera zooms back in on Aiden, he brushes his fingers through his hair and leans up against a crate to collect his thoughts.
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