What did you think of the ending?

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  1. Yeah, you know... the little shocker at the end of the show... The one we had so many different opinions on...

    Okay, Tapatalk users, are you happy?

    Abyss is back! Anyone else happy about that one?
  2. Big, fat :meh: from me. More Abyss = less Joseph Park, that doesn't make me happy.
  3. Yea it's a lose/lose. I don't want to see Abyss, and now we probably get no Park.

    The one glaring exception to my disappointment is if we still get JP and he starts to unravel the story of how he is actually Abyss' alter ego. That is one thing I really want to see play out.
  4. Finally no Joseph Park! Boring character for me. Can't understand how you guys like him. Abyss is one of the last hardcore wrestlers in TNA and WWE so he should be used as Abyss, not as Park. Abyss is unique for me. A great hardcore and brawl wrestler. Hope we will get a Monster's Ball Match soon :yes:
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  5. Can't help but agree with the Park love. I'm no fan of hardcore wrestling or the Abyss character, but for a little while his intensity will be welcome in this feud. They already wrote off Abyss off TV as part of this hero nonsense, so may as well do this.

    It's kind of like being a Brodus Clay fan, you'll tolerate this because you know his eventual heel turn's gonna be epic. This'll keep Joey Park fresh and make us all excited about seeing arguably the best character in wrestling yet again.

    Tbh I don't care about this Park vs Abyss feud. Just keep Park the way he is and use Abyss sparingly.
  6. As of this writing, not true. Joseph Park (yes Joseph) is having a match next week and a segment too.

    Not true. I can guarantee that we'll still see more of JP than his brother Chris Abyss.

    I love both characters/wrestlers, but how you NOT like Joseph? That guy is the best character TNA had since Joker Sting IMO, and he's playing it to perfection.
  7. Well, I don't like Joseph because he makes Abyss disappear.
  8. Kind of a lousy reason imo.
    That means I would hate Curry Man because he got rid of Christopher Daniels.
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  9. Glad to see I'm not the only fan of Joker Sting, that was really enjoyable even with the obvious TDK ripoff traits. Anyway I'm meh on Abyss, there is still too much left for the Park character for him to establish the link. One thing I'd like to see is a sit down interview between the two though, similar to the one Foley did during the AE.
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  10. Haha. Joker Sting was cringeworthy, imo.
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  11. Is it just me or did Abyss look horrible on Thursday? Everything looked off, idk what it is
  12. He looked the same like he did in 2011 and 2011. But yeah, Abyss from 2005-2008 was much more fit and had better looking outfit too (even the white one).
  13. The asylum outfit was cool. His current theme sucks btw.
    Dolph's thought it was King Mo, now that's how bad his theme is right now.
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  14. Yeah King Mo shouldn't be debuting for a long time yet.
  15. I personally prefer Abbys than Park because I prefer hardcore wrestling too tbh but I really think Abbys right now won't contribute too much... I personally preferred Aries' balls in Hemme's face
  16. In an interesting bit of news, King Mo debuted on OVW TV by beating some punk ass in a dark match, and squashing some other dude this past week on TV.

    I believe he'll end up wrestling for TNA @ BFG, as he should. Hopefully against Joe.