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    Ok, I would just like to open this thread to have input from our IWT competitors about what division/belt they would like to compete in/for. I know some already (as they are the champs, so DUH) but hit this up and I will update the OP with your answers. Maybe this will help your guys approval rating about creative (which is obviously lower than dubya at this point). OH and I have no problem with someone being in the TAG division as well as a singles division. And I am not trying to slight anybody who is not listed yet. These first few are just ones I think are correct and so I am putting them in. Please do not take it personally if you are not listed yet. Also, please don't think it will be impossible to switch divisions. Just because you might declare that you are in a division at this point in time does not mean you have to stay there, but please update me and I will make the change accordingly. Also, if I don't have your character name feel free to yell at me to fix it.

    I feel this will help creative immensely in planning out cards for shows.

    IWT Division
    Forrest (Bruce Knight)
    DKJ (Joey Bryant)
    Aids Johnson
    Slowking (Farooq)
    TheArabHammer (Marcus Anthony)

    WHC Division
    Dat Kid
    THG (Alias Antonio)
    CrayJ Lee (Victoria Parker)
    Trip in the Head
    Ultimate Psychosis (The Artist)

    IC/EU Divison
    Lord Ovalhead (Sir Lee)
    Ultimate Psychosis (The Artist)
    CrayJ Lee (Victoria Parker)
    Bill Clinton (Chris Kaizer)

    Nick - #1 contender
    Majour (Harriet Vargas)
    Dojo (DRAGON Michinoku)
    The ReagMaster (Reagan Cole)
    Gav the Chav
    Butters! (Aiden Ryan)

    Tag Team Division
    Trip in the Head and TheArabHammer (Marcus Anthony) - The Order of Night
    Shadow (Andrew) and Stopspot (Spinzz) - Rock n' Roll Desperadoes
    Gav the Chav and B.Dazzle - The Dazzling Chavs
    The ReagMaster and FailFaceFTW - The NEXT Tag Team Champions
    Dat Kid and DKJ (Joey Bryant) - The Church
  2. X-Division for Aaron Sloane.
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  3. Thank you, updated
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  4. right now i'm in the Tag Team Divison with @FailFaceFTW but when i eventually go Solo i would like to be in the X-Divison
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  5. I'd like to be involved in WHC or IC
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  6. Got a team name?
  7. The Next Tag Team Champions(Failface came up with it)
  8. lol ok, I'll put it, but what happens if you win the belts though? Then it just sounds weird
  9. Looks correct to me bro, I'm not listed which is what I want currently
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  10. That's gonna look bad if you never win it.
  11. we will change it to the Current Tag Team Champions? ask @FailFaceFTW
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  12. Updated with new info, thanks CrayJ and ReagMaster
  13. Sweet up to 4 members in the IWT division, i like that.
  14. Its pretty much the three from the triple threat at Mania and Fooq since I knew he wanted to go for it (or I think he does at least)
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  15. i think you should put FTJ in there aswell since it is obvious she wants the IWT Championship because she was the First IWT Champion you know?
  16. Chip: I'll win all the damn titles cocksuckah
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  17. :pity2:
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  19. I'll let him speak for himself. That last video promo he did at Mania made it sound like he might not want to compete anymore to me. I could easily be wrong though. What say you @Toonami Tom 2 ?
  20. i will tag the people who haven't signed up for the Divisons and online @NeoPHX @Nero_x3
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