What Do You Think The Wrestlemania 31 Main Event Will Be?

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  1. I know it's still early and kind of a shot in the dark, but I believe there might be enough incentive to start taking educated guesses as to what the headline match of next year's Wrestlemania will be. Just for fun, try to speculate what do you think it will be? I'm personally betting on either John Cena defending (and losing) the WWE Championship to Roman Reigns, or Brock Lesnar defending (and losing) the championship to either Roman Reigns or John Cena.

    On one hand, giving Brock Lesnar the championship and having him drop it to someone on his way out (since his contract is up at WM31, assuming he doesn't sign another extension) would be a great way to go. I've always thought that was the perfect way to book Lesnar's departure and in that case, I could see him dropping it to either Reigns or Cena. He's been talking about returning to the UFC and that could be where he heads if he leaves WWE next year, and putting over the face of the company on the way out just as he did on the way in would be their way of further reinforcing the viewpoint to everyone that WWE>UFC. On the other hand, Reigns is being booked to be the next breakout star and if all goes right with his push (i.e. he continues to build momentum, they don't fuck it up, etc.), it seems almost a given that he's winning the Rumble and the championship at Mania next year. If there's ever one new(er) star you can bank on Lesnar putting over huge before his departure, it's Reigns. Wrestlemania or not, I'd bet the farm that Lesnar puts over Reigns at some point before he leaves.

    The problem with the Brock championship scenario is that if Rock does return next year, he and Brock are pretty much locked in with each other (and that certainly won't be for the title), in which case I see the main event championship match being John Cena (champion) putting over Roman Reigns to create the next big main event star. Elsewhere, the WM31 card will be Rock/Brock, maybe Undertaker/Sting, HHH against someone, etc.

    So at the moment, I'd likely go with Cena versus Reigns, with the latter being crowned champion for the first time.
  2. I would move for it to involve Reigns but for now I'll guess Rock vs Brock main events if that match happens.
  3. Roman Reigns has to be close to that top spot by the time WM31 comes around.... I would say Reigns vs The Rock might not be a bad match... Big E Langston could possibly be in the world title picture by then too... maybe Reigns vs Langston... I want to see them in an extended feud sometime between now and then. Only time will tell.
  4. Ill mark hard for Brock/Rock

  5. What's to mark over? They won't top their original match, the build will likely suck and won't top the build to their original match either, and the match would just be too soft for a Brock match since he would try his earnest not to hurt Rock since his movie schedule would be on the line. I know the casuals will eat it up because of TWO LARGER THAN LIFE SUPERSTARS PUNCHING AND KICKING EACH OTHER, MY GAWD!!, but I personally see nothing to get excited over.
  6. So jaded
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  7. Roman Reigns will win the Rumble, but I can't see him main-eventing over the possibility of Brock/Rock or Taker's final match.
  8. Eh, not completely. I actually defended Rock/Cena II happening while everyone else was shitting on it, but I'd just rather see Rock and Brock in separate feuds than with one another, especially given that Brock has only one Wrestlemania left after this year.

    I know the huge draw of the match would be too much for them to turn down, which is why I'm hoping Rock/WWE officials/movie producers/etc. realize that Rock stepping into the ring with Lesnar will be considered too big of a risk to his filming schedule, especially given that he injured himself both times he wrestled a much softer match with John Cena.
  9. Lesnar will be around as long as WWE bends over backward to appease him with few dates and big money
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  10. This is so extrapolating, but I'm thinking WWE Champion Reigns (who captures the title at Elimination Chamber) vs. Daniel Bryan (who won the Royal Rumble) vs. either Orton, Cena, or Sheamus (who lost the title at Elimination Chamber to Reigns).

    And I have a feeling it comes down to Reigns being put over by the former Champion and having a feud coming out of Mania with Daniel Bryan.

  11. Ron Simmons vs Undertaker for WWE IWT World Heavyweight championship with Ron winning.
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  12. Well.....that would be a surprise.

  13. Nation of Domination reformed the next night with Big E, Titus O'Neil, Xaiver Woods and Naomi.
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  14. Triple H vs Undertaker vs Rock vs Cena

    In all seriousness, I hope to see some of the NXT guys up soon and pushed into the main event. I'd love to see Sami Zayn vs Daniel Bryan.
  15. Zayn vs Bryan would be a good match.....But knowing the WWE, They'll end up having Sami in a midcard title match....

    I'd like to See Bryan vs Reigns.....I think that would put some butts on seats.....
  16. I think hoping Sami Zayn (or anybody that's full time in NXT right now) will main event Wrestlemania 31 is asking for heartache.

    I also think that if one of them was put into a Mania main event over Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Big E Langston, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, or any of a dozen or two other guys would be a huge insult to those people. I think that the same that I think having Batista in this year's Mania main event is something of a slap in their faces...and Batista is a 6-time former World Champion. I think the main event needs to be guys who are proving themselves every week on Raw and Smackdown, not a guy who's been in the Bigs for a year or less.

  17. I could honestly see Punk signing a deal with Vince to stay around for a year with no walk outs if he can main event 'Mania. Punk can give some speech the night after he loses the title at Payback or something saying that he's done. Get emotional about it and shit.
  18. Reigns/Bryan has about zero chance of headlining Mania. When Reigns gets his big breakout push to the world championship gold, they're gonna obviously want him to go over someone more established and of similar size to him (or at least bigger than a guy 5'10) since that would look a hell of a lot more impressive. That means Cena, Batista, Lesnar or maybe even HHH.
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  19. Maybe Brock VS Rock or Austin VS Hogan,:yes:
  20. The Rock vs Reigns would be grrrrrreeeeeeeat

    (If they have to bring back a part-timer, that's what I want to see.)
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