What do you think would be a better BUSSINESS decision

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  1. to have cena wins or db? and Im not asking who do you want to win, but who would be a better decision in the bussiness point of view, to get more money and stuff
    my opinion.. db...
    cena doesn´t need to be a champion to make money for wwe
  2. Well, assuming DB as a main event star brings them money, then he should win, because Cena losing won't hurt him in any way.
  3. Even if Bryan wins the title, it could take awhile before we start to see how much of a ratings or PPV draw he can be as world champion. I want to see him headline at least a PPV or two where Cena isn't involved in his match or involved in a headline match above him. That could really tell us something about Bryan as a headliner. But yeah, common sense says that since Bryan is a hot property and you should strike while the iron is hot, Bryan should win the belt. This includes the possibility of Orton cashing in and Bryan chasing the title.
  4. I don't really know honestly,but one thing is for sure,Cena does not need the WWE championship.
  5. In business, you go with the guy who's got the hot hand. Right now, Cena fans buy more merchandise than any other "fan group" in WWE, but that's been the case consistently for the last few years, even during the "lousy year" he had in 2012. Would more fans buy Daniel Bryan merchandise, watch WWE TV, or buy PPVs if DBD were Champion (or, if Orton was Champion and DBD was chasing the title). I think viewers tune in when the show is interesting and entertaining. And, right now, both Bryan and Orton are hotter than Cena among irregular viewers. Due to that, I do think it's a good business decision to put the title on Bryan (even if Orton cashes in and takes the title from him in the end).

    The sad thing for Cena is that perfection gets boring and Cena has consistently been a solid draw for the company for years. And, yes, people tune in to watch the Yankees win the World Series or the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, but irregular viewers tune in more to watch the Cleveland Indians win the World Series or the Miami Dolphins win the Super Bowl...because they haven't seen it before. That's also why it's a far bigger story when the USA doesn't win the Gold Medal in basketball in the Olympics; it's an exception to the norm.

  6. Well if they wanted a new guy to replace the aging Cena then DB might be the guy. He is certainly an underdog, he can wrestle well, and although his promo skills arent extremely good he has good control over the crowd. However, I don't see DB winning
  7. Whoever wins, Orton will cash in. That's the best idea for business.

  8. I see Bryan being a tremendous part of WWE's future, but he won't be replacing Cena. There has to be (and probably will continue to be) at least one babyface who has that big, hulking look. It's a look that goes back to the 1920's (if not before) and has been exploited by every wrestling promotion since. Having those guys, however, you also have to have other standard archetype characters: the charismatic heel (Punk, Orton), the quicker, littler guys (Bryan, Ziggler), and others.

    Bryan will be a big guy in the main event as one of those littler guys (like HBK was...it's not an accident that HHH himself referenced Shawn when talking about Bryan, which got brought into a Cena promo about the match) who is capable of carrying the title. Other guys who had that capability in recent memory include Jericho, Guerrero, and Benoit (Who?). The question then becomes who fills the large, hulking babyface role. Ryback, Langston, and Axel (who's built more along the lines of HHH than Hogan) are all guys who, in the future, if they can put it all together, could fill a similar role to John Cena.

  9. It's not going to be Ryback, he's terrible. He was awesome at first, but his work got tremendously shitty in a short amount of time. I have my money on Titus O'Neil although it is a bit left field. He has the look, he's pretty damn entertaining, and he's decent in the ring (not amazing, but he's still young and has some time to perfect his skills)

  10. Not as left-field as you might think. Titus has tremendous respect backstage and from the guys that count. He got put over last week by nobody less than JBL, who has a reputation for picking winners. I hear big things could come for Darren Young as well.

    As for Ryback, he was very good out of the gate but faded badly. I don't think it's the end for him, though. He's got a solid background and has improved on the mic since his heel turn (yes, I know, he had nowhere to go but up). I just don't think he's got anywhere to go or anything to do. I'd look for him to join up with Cesaro and Swagger as a third member of the Real Americans. Zeb Coulter could do some fantastic things with him.

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