What do you want from a superstar.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HunterHearstJericho, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. This is kind of a game where I will try to post questions to every week, you can write what you would want a superstar to return with or have you can write why or just what you want basically write about the topic and try to stay on topic.
    Kane masked or unmasked? what do you want and what attire should he have?
  2. Depends on what stage of his career he is at. In his early years when he was in his prime as a monster, I preferred masked Kane. But once he removed his mask and we all got used to seeing him on TV without it for so long, there was little point in him putting it back on. At this point, I'm glad he's become unmasked again.
  3. I was waiting for you to write on here :emoji_slight_smile: and I agree with you but right now hes in a full monster stage from the looks of it but again hes unmasked already, now he has nothing to hide, So the mask going back on seems pointless unless you do a storyline where he is burned again.