What feud on RAW excites you the most at the moment?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Daniel Bryan vs Triple H (with Orton and Batista involved)

  2. The Wyatt's vs Cena

  3. Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

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  4. The Shield vs Kane/Outlaws

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  5. Other (please post it)

  1. Please vote in the poll.

    Whilst I think the HHH vs Bryan build has been flawless, I can't help but agree with the crowd last night that Bray vs Cena has been awesome so far. The build, the diversity in the two characters, the promos, everything has been wonderful and that's what I have voted for.
  2. The whole Bryan/Authority/Orton/Batista saga has thus far been the most enjoyable feud for me heading into Wrestlemania. It has the most momentum, the most back story, the most emotion and come Wrestlemania, it'll have the biggest payoff. It's a feud that's been brewing since the Summer of last year and when Triple H and Stephanie are in top form as heels, I feel that no one can touch them on the mic. Not even Wyatt and Heyman.
  3. The build to this Andre the Giant classic has been immense.
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  4. I don't know if ya meant it. But, it does seem like the WWE WHC seems more focused on HHH & Daniel more than anything. I sometimes forget about Orton & Batista. I love it.

    Fatal 4-Way pls.
  5. really enjoying this sheamus-christian feud
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  6. lol this should NOT have made me laugh as hard as it did
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Jinder Mahal's gonna win it!
  9. My money is on Ziggler. Did you hear dat pop last night? OMg the fans love his penis
  10. Wyatt Cena by far. The Wyatt promos have been amazing, and the matches have been great. I've enjoyed every minute of the feud so far. DB HHH is going well, but the SuperCena feel to it turns down the greatness level.
  11. My serious pick is Rusev, who I expect will enter himself into the battle royal in the final week or so. He's a physical brute, so winning a big battle royal like this one would be a good start for him.
  12. I didn't feel the whole "this is awesome" deal at the sheep masking of Cena. I found it rather bizarre that people would chant for such a minor thing; it was alright. I've enjoyed it so far though, the promos from Wyatt have been mint and are much more direct than they ever have been, which makes his promos have more of an impact and really takes this feud to another level. I was hoping for a more elaborate story to this, but it seems like it's more just Wyatt wanting to expose to the world who Cena really is, which has already kinda been done with Kane. Therefore, I'm not too big on it. But hey, maybe we actually do get a more elaborate story later on. The thing about Wyatt is that everything about him is very open to interpretation, so I don't wanna say anything for sure about him.

    I really like what they're doing with HHH and Bryan though, it has a sense of reality to it just like HHH kinda implied on RAW. HHH as a heel is absolutely amazing, he takes me back to when I'd watch 2000 RAWs and absolutely hate everything he does for being such a dickhead. He plays that role very well, and when he brings reality to it, e.g addressing the fans' despair because of how Bryan's being booked, it makes for a very captivating story that involves everybody watching. The build-up is great, but I just really hope that Bryan at least beats him at WM. WM to me is the show where long-time feuds end and new ones begin, and if Bryan doesn't get his expected payoff, it's all gonna be for nothing. And if they decide to continue the feud, it's just gonna be one major drag and the fans are probably going to eventually not care anymore. He might play a great underdog role, but you can only get held down in the water for so long until you start drowning.
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  13. I picked the "HHH/Bryan/Orton/Batista/Authority/Stephanie/Kane (well not anymore)/Maddox/MVP/Dixie......oh, wait, forget those last two or three" feud for reasons already stated.

    But also because I think it has the capacity to have the biggest surprise factor. I think it's obvious who should come out on top (Bryan), but I also think they've created enough doubt that literally any one of the four could come out as World Heavyweight Champion at this point. I even think that Bryan could beat HHH at the beginning of the night and HHH could still end up putting himself in the match, making it a fatal 4-way and still making a run at ending the night with the belt (alternately, I could see HHH screwing Bryan and winning the match only for Hogan to come in and make it a fatal 4-way by adding Bryan back into the mix).