What happened after Raw went off the air

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  1. Spoilering it just in case.

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    After tonight's WWE RAW in Lafayette ended, Cody Rhodes came to the ring to look at the new WWE Title belt.

    The Rock picked on Cody's mustache and asked several fans at ringside if he should get a look at a Rock Bottom. Cody gets back on the mic and says he made a mistake. Cody ends up taking a Rock Bottom and People's Elbow to end the show.
  2. Poor Cody's 'stache. :sad:
  3. Way to bury Cody...
  4. Yeah, because millions of people worldwide saw Cody get rock bottomed.
  5. That has nothing to do with it not being on air. Let's not forget he already buried him once in the past. Now he does the same shit all over agian (and don't forget millions of people are using the internet)...
  6. You're right, Cody's career will forever be tarnished because of this. He might as well retire right now.
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  7. If anything, just interacting with The Rock should be a good thing for someone like Cody, even though this wasn't on live TV like the last time... I remember Lance Storm saying he got noticed a whole lot in public the week he fought The Rock on Raw, just because he was going up against The Rock (the fact that he won notwithstanding, he would have gotten noticed anyway.)
  8. So Cody is doing what Dolph did just before being launched to the main event ( ending the shows by getting beat up). That's a good sign then.
  9. You're using the word bury wrong dude. This has no effect on anything. Eating a Rock Bottom probably means good things for your career anyway.
  10. Exactly. Dolph was used as beat down fodder to end shows for a while before he started getting his main event push if I remember correctly. It's a way to get live crowds accustomed to seeing guys from lower on the crowd hanging with the big guys without the added pressure of the camera.
  11. ^ What Stop said. I don't ever really see it as a bad thing per se. Never know for sure until we see how it plays out on TV.

    Also, loving the sig, @Crayo :otunga:
  12. No harm there. Post-show stuff is just to send the crowd home happy.
  13. The crowd was sent home happy. No harm there on Cody Rhodes as it wasn't on TV.
  14. Good thing..

    Rock Bottom means something way different than a Pedigree. :pity2:
  15. There you go, he wanted to do it.
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  16. Anything that happens after Raw goes off air is to cater to the crowd. Pretty sweet imo, and it really makes no difference who it was.
  17. Exactly; there you go. I'm sure for Cody it was more of an honor or whatever, plus it still gets him some face time, etc. Since it wasn't on air, it can't exactly hurt him much.
  18. Who wouldn't want to do it? The IWC is obsessed with burials. If I was a superstar backstage and The Rock was going to rock-bottom someone, I'd get my ass up and volunteer my tits off.
  19. Just posted it as proof to those who may have thought he was forced into it.
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