Storyline What happened afterwards after the Anniversary show...

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  1. Farooq is shown in the ring with a DVD in his hands. "Hello IWT fans of the local area." He said as they all cheered. "Thank you for attending the show, for your special contribution you'll all get a free DVD of the IWT anniversary show!" Farooq said as they all cheered loudly, one of the IWT workers handing the fans coupons for the DVD. "Once it's released, you can go online to purchase it, or you can download the IWT app to get an earlier date of release. I hope you all enjoy yourselves tonight." Farooq said as he then refereed a match between local talents and told the kids to stay away from heels and FTJ because they smell like rotten cheese.
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  2. Dat Kid rides in the parking lot incognito in an unsuspecting vehicle (black escalade, tinted windows, spinner rims, with a decal that says Dat Kid in flame font, with the song below blasting on his speakers)

    Dat Kid rolls down the window and looks at Farooq catering to the crowd.


    Dat Kid rolls up the window and tells his driver to exit the parking lot
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  3. Thatismynewjam.
  4. Cheap pandering to the crowd, lol.
  5. So I take it white guys aren't really allowed to like this, since we couldn't sing along without using "your" word, lol. Let's throw the word right in the title of the song, that'll throw all those crackers off
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