What happened to Bo Dallas?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. What happened to Bo Dallas? he was on the main roster at the beginning of this year feuding with Wade Barrett but then suddenly gets forgotten and is back in NXT did management realise hes not ready?
  2. The dudes NXT champion. How can you not know that if you watch NXT?
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  3. Got my hopes up they HAD released him damn it. Waste of time.
    @Senhor Perfect
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  4. Lmao, who cares where he is, he sucks.....
  5. I'm gonna defend Dallas here as NXT champion and his current heel run he's damn entertaining. He's had some good matches especially with Zayn and he's so smug and great at getting heat. His recent World Tour photo's were epic he's become so deluded and detestable it's a great watch.
  6. Who?
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  7. Let's See.....He went away for few weeks because of his well received Bo vs The World tour and he went to deliver Squirt guns to the people of Bo-Livia.
    He Returned this week on NXT.
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  8. I'm a Bo-Liever.
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  9. I'm a Bo Leaver
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  10. "I'm possible" LMAO. So cheesy
  11. I loved that moment, cracked me right up. I hope they incorporate it as something he says as it'd draw heat big time with his smile afterwards.
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  12. I'm a Bo-Liever.


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  13. If WWE wanted Bo Dallas to do well on the main roster then why in the hell are they "debuting" him on Smackdown? lol
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  14. Solid thought, maybe to try and get a bigger draw for Smackdown?
    This is the kind of booking that would look arguably better if SD was live rather than taped.. Now we will have the opportunity just to simply spoil it by reading it on Tuesday.
  15. God I hate seeing bumps of threads that made no sense 8 months ago but are completely relevant today.

  16. Tbh I didn't even notice, probably because I came here 5 months ago; I just read the last 6 posts and they said from Minutes ago Today/Yesterday so I went with it.
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  17. Everything BLFFL posts seems to become relevant 6-8 months later lol
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  18. No hate intended, just really what Wewantanattitudeera said.
  19. Yeah sorry Aids I bumped it since Bo is moving up to the main roster. Just a joke really due to the thread title.