What happened to Goldust v. Stardust @ WM31?

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  1. So when we all saw Stardust introduce himself into the IC title hunt leading upto Wrestlemania 31 most of us pretty much figured that the plans for the Stardust & Goldust match between eachother at Wrestlemania have been cancelled.. and that definitely looks to be the case now that he's officially a participant in the ladder match..

    This is a backstage update about why the idea to have the brothers face off again at WM31 was shut down.. as with all dirtsheets take it with a grain of salt I suppose.


    Do you accept the reasoning that they are currently reporting or do you think something else happened? Would you still proceed with the match even if you thought the feud wasn't working or would you kill it just like the company?
  2. LOL, it got dropped again for Mania. Surprise, surprise.

    Hopefully they rekindle the feud for Extreme Rules, though.
  3. The only thing that makes the duo somewhat enjoyable doesn't happen. They should've ran with this last year, but now again they dropped. Summer Slam is my last hope.
  4. Goldust said on Twitter last year that he felt the time to pull the trigger on this feud had already passed. Maybe he was right.

    I still think they'll blow this feud off for good at Extreme Rules, though. The fact that they're possibly separating them and booking them in different matches isn't enough to convince me otherwise. It could be that their plan to create more tension between them is to instead have both guys interfere in each other's matches and cost the other the victory somehow. First Stardust interferes in the battle royal and costs Goldust the Andre trophy and then Goldust gets revenge later in the night by interfering in the ladder match and costing Cody the IC Title. They'd both be costing each another 'gold'... get it? :emoji_slight_smile: And then you can book one final match between them at ER that settles things for good.
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  5. That's basically how I see it playing out.

  6. I too think the feud will come back around fo the Extreme Rules PPV.. at least I hope so.. I want to see it end and not like it did at Fast Lane.
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  7. I think they're pushing it back to ER because they probably think they have too many great matches for WM so they won't have time for it. I just wish they had some more continuity so we didn't have stuff like this, but who am I kidding. Plus, it's funny how Goldie actually pinned Stardust but he's in the jobber battle royal (if he gets into the card at all, I guess) and Cody is going for the jobber title.
  8. It's a damn shame that their match was scraped from the card, but like the majority here I do think that this feud will return for ER. Still I am not pleased at all with them removing it.
  9. I really wanted this feud To happen and it had a lot of potential. But it was poorly carried out by WWE. It didn't feel very personal. It felt way too scripted and just lame. They're match at fast lane had abad ending and it was short... So much potential wasted by WWE on what could've been a very interesting good feud.
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  10. True. Here's to hoping it somehow ends up happening at Extreme Rules, though.
  11. to be perfectly honest I was disappointed when they announced Stardust (not Cody!) was going into the IC title match, not the fact that they were including him in the IC title match but how they just dropped a intriguing storyline that could easily fit on the 'Mania card.