What happened to Ryder?

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  1. Is it just me of did he have like 30 seconds of lime light then WWE swept him back under the rug? I mean, to me, he basically set the stage for Raw on Twitter and on Youtube. Its like they used him and threw him out. The WWE hoeskied him! I hardly every hear about him anymore... Is he doing any main story lines?
  2. He got over without Vince's permission and did so outside of the main programming. Had Ryder gotten over on RAW or Smackdown only Vince would have been cool with it
  3. He has basic in ring skills, and isn't that great on the mic. They did with him what they could. :woo: could only get you so far. Even the Rock came up with new catch phrases every once in a while. Ryder's been riding ( hehehe) the same shit for a LONG time.
  4. He's still pretty over though..
  5. Yeah... Vince probably wasn't too happy about that. :vince:
  6. I never could stand ryder. I didn't get the whole thing to be honest.
  7. You and I both haha.
    I don't like the Jersey Shore gimmick.

    Still, can't deny how over he is when he makes an appearance.
  8. I never liked him, I hated his song. Anything having to do with Jersey Shore makes me sick. :idontcare:

    I was just wondering what happened to him. The whole hoeski bit he did with Eve was kinda funny but Cena helped that story out.
  9. Cena's "angry face" in the storyline made me lol so hard.


  10. I agree all of this, in addition Ryder's viewer count isn't what it used to be, so that of course is affecting his push. There's barely any we want ryder chants anymore. The bandwagon fans have forgotten about Ryder. It's time for him to do something new.
  11. :haha: the :mad: face underneath had me laughing! Nice touch! LOL
  12. I'm glad we basically all agree. He was hella over though
  13. I blame the Jersey Shore fans. :pity:
  14. He got over, won the US title and then Kane buried him. Either they don't have anything for him or don't want to use him.
  15. Oh yeah Fist pumpin like champs. GTL Gym Tan Laundry ALL DAY
  16. Or a little bit of both... :maybe:
  17. Woo woo woo... You know it! We all know it. :adr:

    :facepalm: lol
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  18. True. I don't think it's a very good thing to do though. Ryder can go in the ring, is charismatic and over. I'm personally not a big fan but he's underused.
  19. He got over without the help of WWE.
    Plus his character sucks, his mic skills are :eww: and he just tries too hard now.
  20. I agree completely. I don't like his character or care for him as a wrestler but he is still over and should be being used a lot more than he is. :pity: