What happens Monday w/ the Sheild/Taker

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  1. They advertised the match Monday on Raw for next week unless I was tripping and misunderstood them.

    Most wouldn't expect that match to happen until ER at the earliest, so what happens Monday in regards to that angle? I'm guessing Shield take out one of the competitors earlier in the night (would probably be Bryan) and it 'delays' the match until ER.
  2. The rumored plan is to have the Shield take the tag belts off of Hell No at ER. So my guess is they probably take out Undertaker some how, which enrages Kane and sets up the tag title match at ER.
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  3. The shield pin Bryan leading to a tag team(title) match at ER.
  4. That makes no sense IMO. You have a 6 man tag match on free TV including the biggest draw of the group... then remove that draw and have a tag match on the PPV?
  5. Taker wouldn't be the PPV selling point, clearly Brock/HHH would be and Cena/Ryback. They'd just use Undertaker as a fuel to put Shield over as the heel group and Team Hell No as the pair of super heroes. Then they can finally drop the titles.
  6. Brock/HHH isn't selling any PPVs. In spite of what all else might be on the card I believe having this 6 man tag match on the card would help the sales. Taker wrestles once a year now and honestly the involvement with the shield has already been a better storyline than we usually get for his Mania match builds.

    This 6 way match was the best part of ER for me, and giving it away on free TV is a massive mistake by my calculations.
  7. I doubt Taker can commit to more PPV dates or something. They'll use him pretty limitedly. If he were available for the PPV, I highly doubt they would have blew this away on free TV for no reason. Especially as you could have simply had Shield destroy Kane so Undertaker gets involved for the PPV match.
  8. I was thinking Undertaker would get laid out by The Shield on Raw and then Team Hell No either have to fend them off in a handicap match or the match is changed to a tag title match for Raw with Team Hell No dropping the titles. Then the six man tag is re-scheduled for Extreme Rules.
  9. That's my point; they haven't blown the feud on free tv... yet. I think we get a swerve Monday. Taker matches are flat out spectacles at this point, and to give away one of his matches on TV would be moronic.

    Bait and switch seems more likely. Advertise the match but 'whoops, Shield took out Taker, sorry, rats' and move it to the PPV.
  10. I'm not quite sure about the bait and switch. I think after seeing the numbers for WM and the lackluster RAW from this week, they realize the time to make new stars is now. What better way to show that the Shield are ready for the main event than to have them take out 2 legends and the most over guy on the roster. I wouldn't be surprised if WWE does the right thing and has the Shield decimate their opponents next week.
  11. Unless they beat up Undertaker next week, which leads to a tag team title match at ER.
  12. Could see the match taking place so Taker can work his last UK tour.
  13. Anyone know if they're scheduled for Germany this trip? In Bret's book he says that Taker was super over in Germany. He might want to perform in front of that crowd one last time.
  14. Is Raw live--- as in like 1 am locally--- or on tape delay?
  15. I don't think the match will take place yet, likely a delay.
  16. Maybe it's the end of his career...