what have i missed?

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  1. been on holiday for 2 weeks so missed the last few raws have i missed anything on raw?
  2. Paul Heyman is managing Mr. Perfect's son who now goes by the name Curtis Axel. He's defeated Triple H and John Cena by count out. The Shield has gold now, Dolph is out with a concussion. The Wyatt Family are being teased for the main roster.

    Sounds like it's about it.
  3. Curtis Axel (Michael McGillicuty) is a new Paul Heyman guy. Ambrose is US champion, The Shield are tag-team champions. Bryan is being booked as aggressive now and not really comedic, and they're doing the split-angle between Kane/Bryan (only teasing it atm). Jericho called out Punk via Heyman and Heyman accepted Jericho's challenge, so it looks like we will get Punk/Jericho at Payback even though Punk hasn't appeared yet since his leave.
  4. There should be a thread called latest news where all this should be posted so all guys who have taken a break can get informed fast
  5. ok sounds good are the last 2 raws worth watching
  6. No
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  7. With the help of fast-forward they were pretty good, yes.

    Much better than most Raws.
  8. Last one was good in my opinion, very good in parts. Not sure what the previous one was now however.
  9. This week's Raw was acceptable in my opinion
  10. ok cool will try and find them on youtube and watch them
  11. I can link them to you if you want (I'll PM the links)
  12. Yes please if you don't mind saves me the hassle of going through all the trolls
  13. Watch wrestling. Net has them, some guy not called Hoss uploads them.