What i have in store

Discussion in 'DWT' started by Roadster, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. He slowly walks down to a slight pop and IWT Chants break out, he stumbles into the ring and asks for a mic impatiently and is handed one after about 5 seconds of waiting.

    You know....There's an amount of stupidity in this world and to me the majority is coming from DWT. Lee Lver or what ever his name is....I don't have time for people like him, maybe Aiden you'd have more people joining if you booked a show that wasn't complete crap. Come April 3rd here! in the DWT arena i will be victorious after i destroy the mind and body of Lee, i will stand victorious over his corpse and then after the BIG tournament for the DWT World title, i will stand on the pedestal of greatness as i am rewarded what i rightfully deserve and what you people need to be apart of!....The crowning of the DWT World Champion...Chris Clark.

    I'm not saying it's gonna be easy. My life hasn't been easy, i've had roadblock after roadblock after roadblock, but i got passed those roadblocks and in the process, stood over the people who put those roadblocks up...victorious and i don't care if i face Lee, Kaz Aiden or that other jobber. I will be YOUR DWT World Champion.