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    Artist walks down the ramp before the next match and looks fairly annoyed and disappointed and a nearby production worker gives him a mic and takes his towel from around his neck.

    Artist: In the whole cluster fuck known as the opening matches, there was me "victorious" over the "threat" Anonymous. It dawned on me after a while that the so-called "threat" was detected and deflected. I'd like to think that he wasn't a coward but he had to take a break from showing up. Now i'm pretty sure he's gonna leave Victoria Parker, someone who is ACTUALLY talented and someone who knows not to bail from her match in the last moment. High and dry for no reason but she can handle the Desperadoes easily. How you got paired with her is far from my understanding of IWT. *He has a sarcastic confused look as he says the final line*

    Artist: We had a World Heavyweight Title match which in all honesty stole my expectations and is an obvious Match of the Year candidate, but something in Dat Kid's promo caught my ear. He directly stated that i'm a no name, and heck he didn't even KNOW my name. He says i ridicule him because i know he's the greatest of all time, please Kid don't become Dat Kid the Jock. I don't ridicule you because your the greatest, i ridicule you because you AREN'T the greatest. You whined and complained about Aids Johnson being inducted into the Hall of Fame....Maybe if you spent all that time you spend on ripping on younger talent into your actual matches you would've gone in first *He says with a slight smirk*. I'm not going to challenge you because i know that's out of my league, but please do EVERYONE a favor and shut the hell up. If you truly were the greatest i would've acknowledge that until then make another promo via satellite about this.

    Artist: Anonymous or what ever you are now, i've had enough of your crap, there's no rematch because you'll need a vacation again. enough is enough and i'm done with this bullshit. I have no other thing to say other than i'm tired of this crap. I have no other choice than announce here tonight that i'm not looking to face Dat Kid
    *he rolls his eyes* I'm not facing Joey Bryant, Alias, Aids or any other person i've challenged in the past because i've learned my worth and my worth is the European Title. Lord Lee, you won't have Jono giving you cheap wins anymore because come Extreme Rules, i will be challenging for the IWT European title, and take this to your late night touch sessions to Donald Trump, Ben Dover...i mean Lord Lee Tudor.

    He throws the mic down and slowly rolls out of the ring as his music blares. He turns around half way up the ramp to raise his middle fingers at the Mania sign as the Rumble winner would before turning around and walks backstage.
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