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  1. *Dexx comes out, gets cheered, V cut White T-shirt, jeans, & sun glasses, gets in the ring, asks for a mic, music stops*
    Dexx: Alright mates , alright... now... when I came here, I haven't really had the "impact" that I'd thought I would make coming into this company, I lost the Summerslam proving grounds battle royal. I lost my first singles match at a house show to this porn star goof, and embarrassed myself in front of my uprising opponent. I mean I don't know... *Duggan chant*

    Guy in crowd: Don't quit! You just got here!

    Dexx: Don't worry mate i'm not leaving that fast... Now I mentioned in an interview I wasn't finished with Dover's group of jackasses known as The Cure. I'm keeping my word their, now with that said allow me to re-roll some footage of Alias Antonio from this group of jack asses earlier at a house show.

    Dexx: Now it stated by Jacob later that his partner and the current champions were the only tag teams in he IWT, that and beside those 2 other mates from Summerslam but we haven't see them. So The Cure thinks they are gonna pull a fast one and avoid title defense.
    Dexx: Alias & Jwab ... WHAT IF... I told you I had a tag team partner... *some cheers* Now, what if I told you I had a tag team partner and we are ready to accept the open challenge you placed earlier and take you on at Night at Champions for the Tag Team championships? *cheers* Now If you accept I won't reveal my partner until after Uprising and my match with Nukem is over. Simple, Deny... and I guess Gav the Chav was right about you mates... So cmon mates! Cmon! We got a match or not?
    OOC: I'm gonna go on allout verge and say King and JR are at commentary
    JR: Duggan has a partner?
    King: I find that hard to believe, but lets see what the cure says

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  2. *Alias is backstage observing the whole ordeal with attentiveness. All of the sudden, his face shows up on the titantron and is met with boos*

    Alias: Hi there little man!

    *Alias sarcastically waves at Duggan*

    The Cure is all about giving opportunities to rookies and begginers like yourself. So we've decided to accept the challenge............under one condition.

    *The crowd boo while Alias lets out a arrogant laugh*

    We will gladly face you only if you admit right now in front of this vociferous crowd that The Cure is the most dominant force to ever strike IWT.

    *Alias lets out another laugh and awaits the answer of Duggan*
  3. Dexx: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... you want me to admit The Cure is the most dominant force ever in this company mate? Are you serious? *looks at crowd* is he serious? Antonio, The Cure is no more then two dudes who won the tag titles because everyone was too busy with their own egos, This guy who claims himself a King when all he won was a cruddy title with an X on it, A dreamer who frolics around with a briefcase saying hes the next world champ and does nothing, some George guy, and this idiotic self proclamied porn star that pretends he can fly!

    And you want me to admit mate that you are the most powerful group in the IWT?
    ... ... ... ... ...
    Fuck No! Fuck No! *cheers*
    I's rather have a mouth full of ticks than admit The Cure is a dominant group and get a tag title shot.

    If your looking for guys to challenge for the titles that would admit your tough, ask the new coming WWE tag team "Los Matadores". Me and my unamed partner are indeed mate THE REAL DEAL.

    *Duggan shakes his head, audience cheers, there's no way he's admitting that*
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  4. *Alias appears unnerved*

    Alias: You don't want to admit it? Fine, fine. We can still negotiate though. If you admit that The Cure will own all titles in IWT by next year, we will willingly face and defeat you at Night Of Champions.
  5. *Adam Aries, NanoRah14 and Rhod walks out onto the stage*​
    Whoah Whoah Whoah there gentlemen, You dont just go walking around granting title shots, These men behind me have asked for a title shot they deserve so these guys cant come out here and demand it and you grant it, I am asking IWT GM Big E Rection to come out here and set things straight, I propose we decide who will face The Disease like men, The Crusade Vs Dex and Gav in a No.1 Contenders MATCH! ​
  6. Tweet comes on the titantron
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  7. OOC: Wasn't even planning on being at ringside, Banning me isn't a face thing :/

  8. OOC: It's whats best for business.
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  10. Who said I'm face
  11. No im the face and faces dont get banned.
  12. Yeah they do. Undertaker ONS 2008.
  13. Well if he is a heel GM then yes makes sense.
  14. I'm pretty sure I just banned you from ringside
  15. Im pretty sure fuck you!

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  16. OOC: Gav the Chav isn't my partner lol, I said i'll reveal my partner after uprising Adam Aries

    *Hang on i'll reply*
  17. Well whoever it is will face Rhod and Jacob.
  18. OOC: Okay back to character.
    Dexx: Wait a minute mate... *Reads tweets* don't I already have a match at Uprising (with Nukem)?