What if Paul Bearer die when Taker was not in TV?

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  1. What if Paul Bearer die when Taker was not in TV? I mean Undertaker was ownly got back on TV last week. So what if he die in early 2013 or in 2012? Do u think taht would still have Undertaker come back for 1 night and do the traible like that did still? Or do u think that would have don't it different? And did u think the storyline they that where with Taker and Punk was going to be different now then what it was sopost to be b/c of a Paul Bearer deading? Or do u think that have something like this planned just not with Paul Deading in it?​

  2. They'd have it the same way, just without Punk in the middle of it.

    I don't think Paul Bearer's death has changed (or will change) anything about the Taker/Punk feud. It just added another way for Punk to get extra heat on himself for the match.
  3. Probably just focus mainly on kane?
  4. I think Taker would've come back for the one night with Kane to pay tribute. Would've been a nice moment.
  5. Since the OP is a hypothetical, I present you with another.

    What if Undertaker was unable to go to the show.
  6. Via Satellite?
  7. :pipebomb:? I think?
  8. No, he is unable to appear at all, then what?
  9. Guess they'd have to do it twice.
  10. :obama:
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