What if Undertaker introduced Balor as his own personal demon?

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  1. Would you guys be into that? I would. Attach the undertaker legacy to a new up and comer type deal basically. I mean, they wasted the streak on Brock sooooo......
  2. Would make zero sense. Balor's demon paint is not supernatural. It's more in the style of the Great Muta in that it is Balor dropping all his restraints and adopting a more aggressive and pain resistant style. Normal Finn is the clean cut wrestler (like Keji Mutoh), Balor is an aggressive animal (like The Great Muta).

    It would be cool I'd guess but it would be very cheesy since it would require the recasting of the Finn Balor character as a supernatural being.
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  3. I'll pass on that one
  4. Maybe he only becomes the demon at undertakers request then? Or command maybe? Almost like Balor has to let the demon out against his own will? No?
  5. That's not how it works. There is no second personality with the demon paint in that sense. It's more like a mask. As Finn said in the mini documentary they did on NXT: "When I put on the paint, I can do anything", (this is a paraphrasing). He's still Finn Balor when under the paint. He just lets go of all his "mental blocks" I guess that allows him to take more punishment.

    If we want an heir to the Undertaker WWE needs to build one from the ground up. The Acension had that supernatural vibe originally but we all know how that ended.

    Luke Gallows (who played fake Kane) was actually supposed to be the third brother of destruction but that went nowhere. So he became Festus instead.
  6. Bah, they were about as supernatural as that fart I just l let go
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  7. The original Ascension were vampires. But that lasted about as long as it took for Kevin Cameron to start a drunken fistfight with a Florida cop.
  8. So they were the brood v2 then?

  9. Minus the blood baths, the frilly shirts and Gangrel ofc.

    Fun fact: In FCW, where the gimmick started. They were a supernatural mafia stable led by Ricardo fucking Rodriquez. And also included Primo and Eddie Guerrero's daughter.
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  10. lmao "wasted the streak"
  11. Have it be Harper if anyone. He can come out in a singlet which is shrouded with leather, and let's not forget the eyeliner.
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  12. My opinion I guess. Did Brock really need to break the streak to become legitimized? I mean really
  13. Did the winner need to be legitimized? Taker being beaten is one of the biggest moments in WWE history, and that replay shows a TON of people speechless while someone as legit as Bork Laser is the one getting his arm raised.

    He is the biggest draw in UFC history and WWE's biggest draw. How does it not make sense to put it on the guy you KNOW will sell dvds and boxsets regardless of how long his future is.
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  14. Alright, touche'. It makes sense in some ways. I just thought it was dumb from a fans viewpoint. It was probably " best for business" though
  15. Funny how no one was saying this type of shit BEFORE Brock ended the Streak. Part of me thinks it's almost some kind of coping mechanism to deal with the fact that the Streak is gone and never coming back, and that arguably the biggest rub in modern-day wrestling was given to a guy who clearly didn't need it and could have easily been a beast without it.

    Anyway, on topic: No, Taker shouldn't be associated with Finn Balor's past or current character in any way. It's an imaginative idea, but I'd prefer if Balor was his own man with his own history and motivations for donning the demonic warpaint and not just a product of the Undertaker.
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  16. It's not about Brock being legitimized. It's about Undertaker giving the streak to someone he truly respects. Brock is one of the few guys that could end the streak. It's the most important streak in wrestling history. Undertaker is not going to give the streak to some nobody he's probably never seen before.
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  17. It was Vince's idea to give the Streak to Lesnar. I'm sure Undertaker was cool with it since Brock is a legitimate bad-ass from UFC of which Taker is a big fan of, but Taker HAS offered his Streak to others in the past before (i.e. Kane, Randy Orton, supposedly Batista.)
  18. Yeah i don't buy that. Undertaker had creative control over his streak, at least a lot of input.
  19. "...at least a lot of input" isn't having 100% creative control. McMahon is still the boss and the ultimate authority on all the final decisions that are made in the company (hence why guys that Taker offered it to in the past didn't get bestowed with the honor of breaking it, although in the case of someone like Kane, it was because he had so much respect for Taker that he didn't want to be the one to end it.) When Vince was a guest on Austin's podcast last December, he even clarified that it was his idea to end the Streak at WMXXX, not Taker's.