What in the world? Chavo is back?

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    I haven't watched Impact in a few months. I've been a bit too busy. When I did watch it. I noticed that Chavo has a tag team champion. What is going on here. WWE fans weren't into the guy. Yet, he found a way to sneak into TNA.

    Chavo is possibly one of the worst wrestlers on the TNA roster. His mic skills are bad. His ring work is boring. He struggles to get fan reactions.

    TNA has been having a good year. unfortunately they once again let their tag team division have a setback.
  2. Yeah, we still have no idea what TNA were thinking.
  3. How Chavo got in: Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
  4. Mic Skills: :true:
    Ring Work: :true:
    Fan Reaction: Chavo: Eddie must be proud! Fans: Eddie! Eddie! Eddie@
  5. Yeah, I never cared for him either. He is name-dropping, cheap-popping, ilegally-in-this-country wannabe.

    In fact, when I see his matches, I'm not even sure who is that tagging with Hernandez: Eddie himself or Chavo.
  6. Chavo tries so hard at being Eddie.
  7. That this last Thursday on Impact, it was Joey Ryan wrestling Eddie Guerrero himself, and Matt Morgan chokeslamming him posthumously (God rest his soul).
  8. I only cared for Chavo when he was Kerwin White
  9. I am a personal fan of Chavo. I think in the X Division he would be better since he's better at this high flying stuff and was pretty good in the cruiserweight division in WWE. He needs to move on with the Eddie stuff though, it's embarrassing to me since he lives off of that for fan reaction.
  10. Chavo should go to the X-Division, he's just boring and uses Eddie and his family name for cheap pops. Atleast in the X-Division he'd be a little more believable. Although his feud with Kaz and Daniels has been good but then again, Daniels and Kaz have been carrying that storyline the whole time.
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