what is a hipster

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. help me out lads, what is one

    is it a lad who likes his fancy dance music and is materialistic with his techology, or is it somethig else
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  2. A hipster himself asking what a hipster is. Oh the irony.
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  3. read the quote the lass above provided

    how am i a hipster
  4. Even that definition fits you.
  5. You can't google stuff?
  6. @Majour is a hipster

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    Sorry Not Sorry.
  7. Bitch please.
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  8. It is someone who dislikes popular things and props up unpopular things just for the sake of being different.

    Just like you
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  9. orton is not unpopular

    manson is not unpopular
  10. Orton is the definition of unpopular. Unless you mean with the 18-36 female demographic.
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  11. show me the numbers
  12. Lad, you are definitely a hipster

    You are proud to be a wrestling fan lad, that is a hipster quality. Nobody is proud of that
  13. why should i not be proud of it

    dont stop the pussy rubbing up against my faliouus does it
  14. Tgmiveld, you're pretty cool dude. Keep posting.
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  15. cheers lad
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  16. You aren't the brightest person out there eh
  17. right back at you lad

    i am still waiting of proof that you have a gf
  18. perfect example of a hipster post
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  19. What proof would I need? The same proof could be asked for for whatever women you purported fool around with.
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