What is a texas death match?

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  1. Can someone explain please?
  2. http://prowrestling.wikia.com/wiki/Texas_Death_match

    A Texas Death match is a wrestling match similar to the Last Man Standing Match, the only difference being that you must be pinned, then a 10 is initiated. If the person pinned fails to get up by the count of 10, the participant loses the match.

    I doubt Austin was being literal when he said that was the type of match he'd love to have with Brock. The last time any variation of this stipulation was used in WWF/E was decades ago, and it just wouldn't fit the whole "Big Fight Feel" of what the Wrestlemania 32 main event should be. One pinfall or submission to the finish feels more epic in a big match environment. I mean, imagine Austin pinning Lesnar and then the referee beginning the 10 count afterwards... The specialness of Brock finally seeing pinned again (for what would be the first time in three years by that point) would be gone.
  3. Thank you
  4. I thought this is where both participants drive around in beer trucks and have to suffocate the other person with beer until they pass out or explode beer out of their orphuses.....
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  5. I thought it was a match where they start out sitting in the back of pickup trucks. They talk about Nascar, and then one of them talks about sleeping with their own sister, then the other gets mad and they have a fight to the death with a Klan member as the referee.
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  6. I always thought a "Texas Death Match" was like a "Belfast Brawl" or Chicago Street Fight" where the only way to win is via Pinfall/Submission. The whole idea of a Pin then a 10 Count sounds dumb. A No Holds Barred match would suit the match at WM32.
  7. None of you guys watched Slammiversary 2014?
  8. I watched Summerslam does that count?
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  9. But that would be a Los Angeles Death match, but yeah, it counts. :heenan: