What is Heath Slater gonna do now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. What is Heath Slater gonna do now? his buddies Drew and Jindar are gone so how are WWE gonna explain that on Raw if Heath is on the show?. They were all on Raw last week so nobody is gonna forget that
  2. Big Clem Layfield
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  3. HAHA, imagine if he just roles out on Monday with that gimmick? Priceless.

    In all seriousness though I don't think it changes much that Drew and Jinder are gone from his side. Slater will probably just go back to being the one man band with Hornswoggle continuing to be his sidekick, he will still be jobbing regardless.
  4. Yeah, I guess Slater's gonna be back to being the one man band now, hence still gonna be jobbing.

    That's right, WWE. Keep on screwing talented superstars. Kudos.
  5. Rockabilly 2.0?
  6. IC title run coming right up
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  8. That's too good to be true, buddy
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  9. heath slater is a jerk
  10. Man, Slater having a Honky Tonk Man-esque IC/US title run would be priceless.
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  11. Him having a reign like Santino's back in '07 would be gold, with the Honk-O-Meter and everything.
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  12. if i were a wrestler i'd give heath slater a DDT
  13. Team with fellow jobber Zack Ryder and become a tag team known as 2MB (or still 3MB, if you count Hornswoggle.)

    It's not just a knock against Ryder, I can actually see him being part of this gimmick, wearing goofy looking glasses and head-bands as usual while stringing an air guitar. Maybe they could show Slater being bummed out over his two band-mates being fired (or walking out on him, as the on-screen explanation may be) and he's sitting there talking with Hornswoggle about what to do, and that's when Zack Ryder walks in to the rescue... or something.
  14. I could see them reworking Slater as a "solo act" ala Axl Rose and Ozzy, and making Hornswoggle his manager. The yoko to his John if you will.
  15. when did hornswoggle become so mean? i miss when he keep his little mouth closed.
  16. Heath Slater is turning face.

  17. Put him with DZ and Ryder in a job squad deal, fuck the miz. Don't do the stupid 3mb deal, that's dead. He get's a new theme, wears different gear, but still jobs.
  18. heath slater found his courage
  19. After last night with his small segment with Rusev it sounded to me like he could be the next Real American... If Zeb would work with him. After all he did say if they liked Russia so much why didn't they just go back. He got a positive reaction from that. Too bad his match was only like 30 seconds after that.
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  20. So I see Raw and they job out Heath to that one trick pony Rusev WTF? Heath should of just got released and used better on the indys