What is the next thing you are looking forward to?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. It can be anything like something you bought online coming in the mail, a holiday, some planned vacation, time off work, or whatever really. Just in general, What is the next thing you are looking forward to?
  2. Getting a new car with the money I don't have! :heyman:
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  3. My first pay rise in three years. Due next week, already planned where the extra money is going.
  4. My daily wank, I think i use both hands today:smug:
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  5. Saturday I'm going to a comic expo at Long Beach. Gonna dress up and meet lots of people!
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  6. Who you going as?
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  7. Harley Quinn lol. My favorite gal of course, and I'm trying to improve my costume and facepaint more and more the way I use it.
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  8. If that is you as Harley in the pic you should do a blonde fro :happy:
  9. Yup! I was at a event getting photos with lots of people, including this female Joker on my profile picture lol. I might do a blonde fro in the future, but I was thinking of doing it full black too, to match the costume.
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  10. You could just bleach it out and do the split colors like she had in the second Arkham Asylum game.
  11. True... The only reason why I'm hesitating to do anything like that to my hair, is I don't really like the idea of putting stuff in my hair like changing colors. I kinda wanna do the Arkham Knight Harley, or a different one... But for now, I really wanna get the classic as great as I can. Oddly enough, some people recognized me at the Deadpool movie.
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  12. Could just invest in a nice wig then. I mean I wouldn't do stuff like that to my hair either because it can damage it quite bad.
  13. For me it's when I turn 18. I don't give a shit about the booze it's the fact my ££££'s p/hour rises. They seriously need to sort out pay rates in this country.
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  14. Chipotle burrito
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  15. Bowl?
  16. Bowl/Burrito hack
    Buy a bowl with a tortilla in it and eat the extra on top and then wrap it into a burrito
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