Storyline What is there to Fear?

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    *Near the beginning of an episode of Vice, the fans are preparing for a match on the show, eagerly sitting in their seats in anticipation. But, just as the music of one of the wrestlers would play, the screen cuts to static and the lights of the arena dim before playing footage on the big screen.

    The footage begins of a gloomy, candle-filled room. Not much is able to be picked out from it. The cameraman swings his camera around the room, looking for who is broadcasting this message. Maneuvering around the candles, he picks out a shadow of a figure near the wall and moves closer, revealing in the dim light a women with pale skin, long red hair and a long black dress. She runs her finger along the wall and speaks in a soft voice.*

    "It was once said that there was nothing to fear but fear itself. But, is that true? What can fear do to the human mind? The answer is simple..."

    *Taking her finger off the wall she turns her hand into a fist and closes it tight.*


    *She turns and looks towards the camera with a lone candle showing light on her face, revealing her crimson red lips. She continues to speak.*

    "Truth is, fear is the one emotion that drives us all. Fear of being forgotten, fear of failure, the fear of death, I see it all in the landscape of IWT. When I see people scared of being forgotten, they look for support. Forming little clubs, or search of appreciation, they are desperate to not fail. When people see failure come up ahead of them, they bend, twist, claw, manipulate their way to success. But no matter how prosperous we may be, we all must face the cold reality of death and it always looms over us...and that fear controls us."

    "At times, it could act as a survival mechanism, forcing us to fight or flee. But what happens if someone can find a way to manipulate it and get inside someone's head? It really depends on the person. While mere mortals don't have the ability, when you have someone as cold as myself..." While closing her fist.* "A person becomes putty in my hands."

    *She chuckles a bit to herself. A devilish grin breaks on her face.*

    "At one time, I was weak like all of you. I let what others said institute fear inside of me. It left me tense, confused, and merely a shell of a person. I was pathetic..."

    *Looking down, the shadows now cover her face and there is a catch in her throat and she slowly raises the intensity in her voice.*

    "That was until I stopped letting fear control me and I used it to bring terror to all who hurt me... all who lied to me...everyone that made me suffer and live my life in a permanent disarray...forced me to live a lie. When the time was right, I used the tool they used against them! I turned into the puppet master! I became judge, jury and executioner and now I'm the Empress of fear! I control my destiny! No longer will I be pushed around by the unworthy. Soon, you'll all be at me feet cowering... IWT..."

    *Her smile returns, and again her mood rapidly changes. The candle light glows on her face.*

    " all will live in fear of Ivy Hale."

    *She blows out the candle as the screen cuts to black. The lights of the arena go back on and the fans are left in confusion. Who is Ivy Hale? And what is she doing here in IWT?*
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