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  1. *The crowd looks all confused*​
    *Lucas Hacksaw walks out to the ring to a huge pop*​
    If you didn't already guess, I am feeling happy right now! I'm feeling happy because... well actually, you should take a guess. However I wanted to come out here and express my opinion on what has been happening lately in the IWT. Now as always, it is a shame to see people leave - even if they are the biggest douche in this company. I would personally like to say my farewell to them all and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. I am not going to stand here and say that I don't care and that I am way better then all of them, like everyone else, because i'm not rude. Even if I didn't care or did think I was better then them, I wouldn't say it in public because that is just pure ignorance. Don't you all think?​
    Then again, pretty much everyone in here is ignorant. Those who say that they are better then everyone else are ignorant, those who think that they don't need to bother trying in order to win are ignorant and those who say they are the best in the world... guess what? They are ignorant! Ignorance comes at a cost and trust me, it will come to haunt you. If you don't believe me then continue to be ignorant however don't come crying to everyone when it does creep up and cost you the match. You may be the champion or you may be on a winning streak or you may be bigger then everyone in this roster but it still applies to you. Hell, it applies to the strongest person in the world. Never take anything for granted.
    Now my rant about ignorance is over and I apologize if you are sick of me ranting about it but it has to be said. Now lets move on to something more positive... I wanted to thank each and every one of you who was chanting my name, cheering for me and motivating me to stay strong in my match against Nick. It was meant to be a handicap match but it turned in to a singles match. I am glad actually, because I wanted a fair fight and boy did I get one. I think we can all agree that our match was a must-see match of the night. I would like to personally thank Nick for giving me a great fight.​
    However I don't just want one great fight in my career, I want many. Therefore I am issuing an open challenge to anyone in this locker room. If you want to fight me, simply come to this ring and say it. I am not going to talk a load of crap about ending your career but I will give my absolute best along with 200% effort. ​

  2. *gav the chav comes out*

    (gav the chav) oi over here you little prick so you want a match eh? Gav will give you one although i completly understand if your too much of a pussy to face gav the chav.
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  3. You really are ignorant, aren't you? Well let's see if you are as good as you think you are and you better bring your best effort because I know I will. So lets make this official! Jonathan
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