What is Wrong With YouTube? Why can't wrestling Channel get over!?

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  2. You have to make consistent videos and update wrestling fans daily to become popular. Plus that Alex Riley ACL thing could have been just reported by a dirt sheet. Doubt he was lying, he was just updating the fans on the latest news whether it be true or not.
  3. belive he a lier u don't know who is and that not the only false report he made!
  4. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/...nt-alex-riley-suffers-injury-during-his-match

    He could have seen reports like these and make a video about it. Doesn't mean he's lying. He wants fans to be updated and if he has updates, he'll get more views. If you check dirt sheets and make a video about it, you'll get easy views.
  5. not when u make alot of lie and just make false reported just to get veiwer ship that wrong! i dont like to people on youtube i don't cheat to get veiws! after all the with over PathOfJioFreed i do belive that is the biggest down fall of my channel. even though i did nothing wrong the dumb ass fans of his thing i did. getting dead threw and other bold shit! b/c i of flag video of him calling a retard for for said Z was better then Kai and he stole video centent make funny. I flag it and i got shited on for that b/c he so big shot to the amine fans even though a 30 year old fat fuck who no life!
  6. Who is the Youtube user that made fun of you? The original is better than Kai. Kai sucks.
  7. yes i know it is but some people thing it is and i also have to ameraert with then. this have been back in like in 2011. its PathOfJioFreed he a big shot on youtube an does amine video he though that i did not right have video to remove for video for bullying me and steal my conent to make fun of me. i warn him take it down and he did not so i flag and is was removed and he make me look like the bad guy.
  8. Yeah dude, it's just your opinion. People should either respect it or back off. That guy is a douche.
  9. i blame him for the my downfall i lose 50 suber after that who bs. b/c he a bigshot and for amine suber.
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    Frank, I don't know who any of the people are that you mentioned, but this is for you. If a decline of 50 subs is damaging to your channel and you've been at if for so long, then maybe you need to change up the program. The last time I looked through your channel, nearly every video was about 7+ minutes long. People don't know you. People didn't really come to youtube to get to know you. If they found your video, it's because they saw a title that interested them and decided to see what you had to say.

    I get that your niche is to be fairly opinionated and that you try not to give a biased view just to please the viewers, but if your videos are so long and unorganized, at the end of the day it won't even matter what you say at the 1:10 mark because people have already skipped to about 3 minutes after the beginning didn't interest them.

    - Keep a list of topics.
    - Rehearse the topics/script and make sure you can stay on track.
    - Learn how to edit your videos to cut them down, hell you can do this with windows movie maker if you really need to. Jump-cutting is probably the easiest to go for as a beginning editor, because it allows you to quickly cut up topics and splice them around wherever the hell you need them, and because the nature of it is meant to be jumpy, you don't have to worry so much about smooth audio/visual transitioning. Plus, youtubers fucking love jump-cuts.
    - Learn how to add text overlays to give viewers a guide on what topic is currently being discussed, without them needing to stop, listen and judge.
    - Structure your videos in an intro-topic-conclusion format, that way people who plan on watching your other videos know what to expect.
    - This is going to sound stupid, but try and get a catchphrase. I'm not talking about some cheesy shit, but just keep the intro consistent throughout your videos so people can recognize you more easily. Hell, even a simple "What's going on, youtube?" would work if you make sure it's the first thing they hear.

    Best of luck.
  11. Because Wrestling is gay as fuck.
  12. my catchphrase is "Back with another video" I use said all the time and did not know it would be any but SlimD716V2 told me that they should be catchphase b/c u said it in all ur videos. As for editing i know how to use window moive maker and now how edit it but i don't time to edit as i said in the video.
  13. Editing out the dead-air is a lot easier if you have a structured plan to follow along to. Keep an idea and a list of topics, go over them. During the edit and rewatch, just cut anything that seems like a tangent or where you're just pausing to think and not to complement the sentence structure.

    I highly doubt you "don't have time" to edit the videos. There are people who put out videos every day, and edit them by themselves (nerdcubed being one). I'm sure you can spare a few hours after a video to trim off some of the rough edges. Your viewers will appreciate you taking the time, and you'll get better and faster at it the more you do it.
  14. there don't have collage do that!?
  15. College.

    You can't be telling me you can't spare 2 hours (even cut into segments of 4 30 minute sessions) to edit down your videos. You're clearly showing you have no dedication to any of this, so stop complaining about other people taking your spotlight when you're trying to edge your way into it without putting in any effort.
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  16. What Coon said, if you don't put the effort in to produce good product. Don't expect success.
  17. Engage with your audience better.
  18. Fart on the camera more.
  19. What is so gay about grown men in their undies/spandex, lubed with body oil rolling around in a ring grabbing each other?
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  20. Everytime