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  1. *Before the big Royal Rumble show starts, and while the arena is filling up, we hear a very familiar voice through a mic. The person seems to be situated somewhere in the crowd and looks like it's nearing the ring. The camera doesn't quite pick it up yet, but you can hear a large section of the audience popping loudly for this supposed person. Once the person reaches the barricade, it's clear as day that it's the one and only, Alias Antonio, who hasn't been seen since he won the IWT Title all those months ago.*

    1....2....3.....testing? *crowd pops* Yes...

    *Alias hops over the barricade, garnering an even bigger pop, and proceeds to enter the ring, glaring at the rowdy audience who are chanting "A-LI-AS!" continously, along with some "Fuck you Alias" chants however as some fans found him no-showing his title match disrespectful.*

    It is I. Alias....An...

    Actually fuck it, you know who I am. I don't need no petty introduction. I'm not even supposed to be out HERE. People in the back want me DEAD, and I'm sure they're shitting their pants at the sight of me out here right now I haven't been backstage ever since I won the IWT Title and no-showed my first defense and got suspended. So I came out here to this special occasion, the Royal Rumble. You must be stupid if you think I actually bought a ticket to this crap though. I've got contacts...

    But I came out here, not to indulge all of you with some self-flattering speech, that may I add, I'm sure you'd all enjoy. I came out here with a purpose, as I always do.

    First of, let me explain myself. A few months ago, I captured the IWT Title for the second time in my career, technically the third, by defeating Dat Kid, or King Zero, or whoever the fuck it was under that mask. It was a great milestone in my career, and I was proud to once again hold what was rightfully mine, regardless of my hatred towards this comapny. However, a few weeks later I was booked to face Victoria Parker in a unification match I believe, or something like that. We both felt this company was in the shits and we felt that IWT didn't deserve to see that match after the shit we've been put through, and for what? So the so called number of "fans" could enjoy it? We were making a statement by giving a big fuck you to Roadster, we wanted a CHANGE in managament, and being aware of the consequences, we both no-showed said match.

    What he did after though, was even more despicable than I imagined. I expected a suspension, but when I saw that he handed MY belt to Frank The Jock on a silver platter like that, I was livid. He was doing what so many have tried to do, and that is, truly destroy this company. And then, what was to come made my blood boil even more. MY belt was being passed around like a hot potato between Frank The Jock, and Aids Johnson. Two inept, socially incapable, washed-up, has-been downies that haven't been popular in about two years. This company was relying on these two men to be solid draws, in this day and age? God please, they're like two fossils battling it out in an archaelogical museum. I was beyond livid.

    I was months and months sitting at home. My name could not simply be kept out the roster's mouth, to the point that I was offered an IC title shot by Forte himself, but I declined. I was even offered for my suspension to be uplifted and to make minced meat out of people like Bruce Knight and Marcus Anthony by the scumbag GM himself, Roadster. But I declined that too. HECK, I WAS OFFERED TO ENTER TONIGHTS ROYAL RUMBLE, BUT GUESS WHAT? I DECLINED THAT TOO.

    If you think I came out here to earn shit the hard way, think again. I've already done all that and SO much more. My record speaks for itself. I don't need to work my way up to the top of the ladder like some upstart rookie. I don't need to throw a couple of guys over the top rope and point to some pathetic sign. I don't need to prove myself to anyone anymore, I've done that my whole life. Now is the time where I start making the decisions for myself, and it's as simple as that.

    Fact is guys, I never lost my IWT Championship. And certainly not to guys like Aids Johnson or FTJ. And another painful fact is, I've main evented IWT Mania twice in row now, and I've lost both times. For my sake, I NEED main event IWTMania4 and finally get my win.

    Where I'm getting at is this. I don't give a shit who it is, I don't give a shit who it's against. But at IWT Mania 4....

    I want my IWT Title back.

    And I plan on retiring with it around my waist.

    Fuck you.

    *Alias drops the mic.*

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  2. Nick struts onto the stage to a mixed reaction, eyeing down Alias Antonio with a smile on his face. He walks down the ramp and momentarily gazes at the half-filled arena, noticing some hurrying to their seats. He rolls under the rope and waves to Alias, then grabs a microphone.

    "Well, well, well... what have we here? Alias Antonio, in an IWT ring? This is quite a surprise. But I hate to ruin it for ya buddy. Because you see, you will not be getting to main event another Mania. That honor will be going... to me!"

    He smirks and takes in the crowds mixed reaction. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the Golden Ticket he won.

    "This bad boy right here means I'm entitled to a word title match anytime I choose, and I'm gonna let it be known now I want my match to be the main event of IWTMania!"

    He pauses as the crowd gives another mixed reaction.

    "So, to put it frankly, you're not gonna be getting your moment of undeserved glory at Mania. Because you turned your back on this company just because you didn't like the guy who's in charge. Really? I've been here for years, there's very few people I despise more than that backwards GM! But I didn't leave, because I know this place can still be great. So while you took your ball and went home I've been here grinding it out trying to fix this place. Nobody deserves this main event more than me, and I refuse to let someone just waltz by me. I deserve that moment, and I will have it!"
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  3. The corner of the ring lights up in a tall blaze as Spawn's theme hit's interrupting both men.

    "Nick. You might have a shot at the IWT title. But I also have a shot. While you are running around preparing for your big title match. You fail to realize it is not winning titles you should fear. It is what is in the darkness. You beat me last time by the skin of your teeth. Something I will make sure to remove this time. You can chase all the titles you want. But can you out run me? You are a marked man now Nick. You might get that IWT title, if you manage to live that long.

    Same goes for Alias Antonio. Where ever you are. Don't stay focused on titles. Or you will fail to sense the terror looming over you. This is not a time where you can ponder over what belts to go for, or who to strike next. This is a time for fear! Tonight, I will be taking a darker form. The likes you could not imagine. I will relish in the powers gifted to me by Satan himself, as even he wants to see you all burn! I hope you will all be in the Royal Rumble. Because I am hungry!"
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  4. *Reagan Cole is seen in the crowd pointing at Alias Antonio whilst shouting at Spawn*


    *Reagan sighs and looks down at the ground before going back to eating his packet of fudge*
  5. *Alias sighs and leans against the ropes*

    Woah. Hold up, big boys. Nick, I don't give a shit about no golden ticket. If you accomplished a fraction of what I have during my tenure here you'd understand exactly why I did what I did. I tried fixing this place so MANY times, it's pointless Nicholas, this place will never be fixed. I tried doing all that shit while you were a mainstay in the midcard. Stop trying to be the saving grace of this company, because it's not happening. And the most ridiculous fact about all this is that we've been here for the same amount of time. And now, now you decide to step up? Your whole career has been based off of two matches with Majour, an X-Division run and a flop WHC run. Hell, I'm pretty sure I've beaten you at some point. I'm all in for you main eventing IWTMania 4, after all, you're better than Aids, but you gotta hold the fuck up if you think you deserve it over me. But like I said, I'll TAKE ON ANYONE in that main event. Singles, 3-way, 4-way. I'm regaining my IWT Title by any means necessary.

    I'll take on anyone, including this big fool over here. Do I know you?
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  6. Spawn tilted his head as he stared at Alias with a scary look in his eyes.

    "Alias Antonio wasn't it?
    You talk a lot...
    Why don't you walk over here...
    Then I can really see how much you bleed."

    Said the Demon wickedly.