What kind of shoes do you wear

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  1. Cool shoes.
  2. Faggot ^
  3. That's flaming, and flaming is bad.
  4. Depends what I'm doing, if I'm going out either Toms or Vans. I have Adidas mids I wear if I'm playing Basketball or whatever for a more sporting thing.
  5. Oh yes, real faggots wear that stuff Damien.
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    [​IMG] Such a fag :gusta:
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  6. I'm gay and im proud
  7. I wear Nikes. Not bad ban shoes though.
  8. I used to really be into nikes when i cares about peoples opinion and tried to be cool :pity:
    not saying thats the case with you
  9. [img=700x800]http:emoji_confused:/wweforums.net/data/MetaMirrorCache/dba2d7a52f46dce85660861bce10b5ca.jpg[/img]

    I wear them all the time! I don't do heels because my feet hurt the second after I slip into them!
  10. [​IMG]

    Just bought these a short time ago.
  11. Being a faggot because of wearing Guns N Roses themed All-Stars? Hahaha, boy oh boy..



    Vans or All-Stars
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  12. [​IMG]

    something like these
  13. Similar to this

  15. dont wear shoes
  16. Hobo.
  17. Are you Jesus Christ?