What makes a champion?

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    The lights dim, as the arena fills with slence before markig out for the themesong. As it hits, confusion fills the arena as the fans wait in anticipation for the first 1:25
    Announcer 1: Who is this?

    Announcer 2: looks like the new entrance for an IWt superstar, or the return of someone we are supposed to mark for. I dont see any relevance to caring either way.
    Announcer 1: Well the pyro has gone off, as we are watching....wait is that the Champ!?
    Announcer 2: Aids Johnson! The champ is here!!!
    Aids walks out around 1:25, to a crowd filled with cheers and chants of "Goat face" as he walks out slowly.

    Aids comes out to a huge arena filled in boos and jeers, at one point chanting "Eat your title!" He slowly grabs the mic, and takes the mic with a slanted smile, after enjoying a few moments in the corner to a crowd full of jeers.

    What makes a champion? How deserving is our current champion? I am not here to ask for forgiveneess (crowd boos) and im certainly not here to pretend i am the man you all hoped would lead your company. In fact, i've spent a good amount of my time here assuring myself there would be no champion after me, as long as i killed the company. I left for higher grounds. *crowd boos* and have been enjoying myself there. unfortunately for me, there has been a gap in my soul where the IWT community once had filled. I am not here to ask for forgiveness *crowd again boos* but i am here to ask that you accept me once again into your lives. At one point in my career, i lived and breathed this company, and i cannot come back to gain back my titles. I cannot come back and enjoy the friendships i once enjoyed, thoose are gone. I cannot even expect to win a match, as the community wants little to nothing to do with a superstar who doublecrossed this organization, and i dont blame you.

    I once spent all my time letting others know how active i am in the IWT crowd, and ive spent time in FNW hoping others have noticed i was gone. No longer. I would rather lose 100 matches in IWt than be known as the failure who left the company out to dry. The champion who let their people down, who ran when there was no other options besides fight. The champion who once hold the two most prestigious titles, and the man who was a deserving champion. The greatest man to come out of the IWT Wrestlemania, and the man who walked away as IWT champion. The greatest of all time. A man who you could all route for.

    Those days are gone, my time is up, and apparently Victoria Parker's time is now. She now has Jonathan with her to assure her victories, and i can assure you, she is a deserving champion who has all of the odds stacked in her favor. I am not here to challenge for the title. I am here to face another opponent, a man i insulted daily for ditching the company when he was needed most. TheBeardedVagina you and i have a battle to bring me back, and i dont even want it for your title.

    You vs me, man vs man, AIDS vs Seabs, Legend vs legend. I want a chance to prove i am here for good, and you are the man to face me. Independance day, 3 promo match. Aids vs Seabs, a match for the ages. No holds barred. *fans cheer.
  2. *cut off

    In fact, i challenge @Sackfist and Alkaline both to non title matches next week. I plan on showing what matters most here, and that is the IWT fans and community. There are no irrelevant matches, and if i spend the rest of my days jobbing to make sure you are entertained, then dammit im here to stay. There will be no more casualties, and be assured, Aids is here to stay.
  3. *senhor appears on the Titantron

    Wah wah wah. You want to know what I hear?

    *crowd has a mixed reaction

    I hear a little girl moaning and crying trying to get these bloodsuckers to like him. "I love IWT, even though I left I still had the company in my heart, no one liked me at the other promotion either even though I was trying to be nice"

    No one liked you there, and everyone hates you here. We all know you're the definition of the word jackass. Don't stand there and pretend you care about this company or these people. Be who you know you want to be, the man who along with me had the greatest ME battle the IWT has ever seen. Be the asshole we've all come to hate.

    It's sickening to see you this way. In an odd way I much as I hated you, I could at least respect your disdain for all of the other phonies around here. Now you just look pathetic. I cant even look at you Aids, you should have a loser leaves IWT forever match with Scorpion. I'm tired of these guys who can't decide where they wanna be. Either shit or get off the pot.
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  4. *Aids looks up with a smile on his face.

    You want to talk? Talk in the ring. You want to put me in the same pot as Rodrigo? I left and came back, no regrets. I am not here to go for the main event, and while you are no longer a part of that debate, we both know you and i put on one of the most popular matches in IWT history, not one of the greatest. Let's give them a rematch.