Storyline What Makes Gray Angry?

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  1. Dylan Gray is seen in the middle of the ring, he is visibly angry.

    DG: "Last night at IWT Retribution, I went up against, or well, was meant to go up against Al Blizzard, but not so surprisingly, he no-showed, we don't need people like Al Blizzard on the IWT roster, he's an embarrassment to the industry, and do you want to know what's even more embarrassing? Placing someone like me on the opening match, I beat Eric Draven dangit, I should be up there challenging for titles, not this crap."

    DG: "It still counts as a win but boy it sure doesn't feel like on, I've earnt everything in my life, and for Al Blizzard to disrespect me like that on that much of a stage, it sickens me. But i'm not just going to sit down and wait for somebody else to come along and get booked in a filler match with me, I want an actual fight, but I know, there's nobody out there willing to go toe to toe with The Destroyer Dylan Gray, if there is, then kudos, but as I said previously, there isn't."

    DG: "I'm getting sick and tired of you people and I don't want to be here in this arena with you people much longer, so i'll just make it simple, i'm Dylan Gray and i'm the best in this generation of IWT talent, and that's all that's to it."

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  2. *Corey walks out to a good pop off his victory last night, looks at Grey, smiles, then walks to the ring, he pics up a mic, enters, music cuts off*

    "The best of this generation? I'm sorry Dylan we haven't properly introduced I know we met for a second a week ago but I think we need a proper introduction here to each other. I'm Corey Marcus, and you are an angry loner. Now I have to agree with you there Dylan I would be upset if I was in your position, a match with Al Blizzard isn't a "Get Out of a Loser Streak Free Card", Al Blizzard just lost interest and left the portrait that is the IWT, or the artist had a last minute thought on putting Blizzard in the painting and decided not, it doesn't matter, a win over Al Blizzard isn't a real win and you do deserve better than that."

    "Which is why I am out here Grey, did you see what I did at Retribution? I was on right after you, I went up against Will Savat, a man who claims he is the best in the world, he is world class and we are all under him. What happened last night Dylan? Oh yeah.... I BEAT HIM. He called me a loser, he called me a kid with cute promos and he called me annoying, well I did what I always do in the ring. And that is put his little Glass House in ruins. So if you are looking for competition, if you are really looking for someone to look you in the eye and give you a fight.... your looking at a guy who's ready for it all."

    "Gray huh? The Gray way? That's what it is? Sounds boring and whiny as you look, where on earth are your colors Dylan? Did you abandon them? Did you decide just to leave them all and embrace Gray? A man needs his colors Dylan and that's a fact, nobody can survive on Gray alone. You are colorless Dylan, and do you know who comes to punish the colorless? None other than the same man who destroyed Will Savat's glass house, the Bad Omen, your Bad Omen."


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  6. [Will Savat comes out smiling with a mic in his hand]
    >Savat: My God am I not done with you yet? Yes you just won, go celebrate somewhere else. It seems like I can't even get away from your annoying face. Corey Marcus if you think you won then you are stupid. You are a loser. you would never beat someone like me. Never ever could you beat me. The only way you would ever win was if I let you. Clearly you want more though. Was me letting you win not enough to get you out of my damn hair?! I am the best in the world. I do not have to be wrestling matches with losers like you. I should be wrestling someone like Jack Forte right now. So I do not appreciate all you stinking no names dragging me down and making me apart of your crowd.

    How about you all stop dragging me out here and let me do my own thing from now on. You guys are all embarrassing little kids that are anchoring me down. You are all holding back my greatness and making me look bad now. No one makes me look bad and gets away with it, so I demand one of you walks up to me right now so I can stick my boot right in your big mouths. Stuff your bad omens. Stuff the best of the generation. I am the best in the world. I surpass you all. I am a god and you are nothing more than farmers so how about you all get out of my sight so I can get back to being awesome in that ring.

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  8. *Corey looks at Savat like he's about to laugh*

    "If you are the Best in the World then why would you let me win? I thought the Best in the World proves himself the Best in the World by wining all his matches with no remorse. I know I beat you clean Will, I took you on at full strength, and I know if there is anyone who will be taking that Intercontinental Title from Forte, it's gonna be me from based off the show I put on at Retribution. But lets not stray too far into the future, far looks into the future lead to regret so right now my focus is you and this colorless ingrate behind me."

    *Turns to Dylan Gray... but then he attacks!*
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  9. As Marcus turns around Gray hits him with a huge clothesline, as Marcus lays clenching himself, Gray looks at Will Savet and picks up Corey Marcus before delivering a huge suplex, he grins at Savet and nods his head as Savet approves and starts marching down to the ring.

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  11. Corey Marcus
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